September 30, 2022

The Pony Conductor

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, Give a man a pony and he'll eat for a lifetime

Wednesday’s Horse Racing Recap

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A nice 5/1 winner and 2nd at 13/1, but we needed the lock to win in the last.  However, as long as we can play the next day, the Conductor won’t complain.  Keeneland plays for Thursday will be up shortly.

Race 4: #11 Floss Dancer – 4th at 5/1

Race 5: #3 Lenamarie – 9th at 15/1

Race 6: #12 Smart Remark – 1st at 5/1

Race 7: #6 Pekhet – 2nd at 13/1

Race 8: #2 House of Commons – 3rd at 5/2

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