September 30, 2022

The Pony Conductor

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, Give a man a pony and he'll eat for a lifetime

#ThanksOppy For What? Thank the Bat for Another Mortgage Play Winner

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Shout out to Maryland guy who probably cashed on the Terps last night.  The Bat’s mortgage play under was money as always, but the Bat did lose his car payment and lunch money. Regardless, The Conductor has written down that The Bat is 10-2 in his last 12 mortgage plays (may be inaccurate, but pretty close).  Is that good?  #UnderBat has a real treat for us tonight as well.  Three unders? The Conductor smells a sweeeeeeep! Fly Bat! Fly! #RidetheBat

Mortgage Play

Under 126.5 Clemson vs Miami

Image result for airball gif

Car Payment Play

Under 142.5 SMU vs Temple

Lunch Money Play

Under 142 Florida vs Wake Forest

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