November 28, 2022

The Pony Conductor

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The Conductor’s NFL Week 2 Recap and Monday Night Preview

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Week 2 is in the books and luckily the Bears pulled out a push for the Conductor with a last second field goal to beat the Broncos by 2 yesterday. Otherwise the Conductor would have put his train up for sale today to protect his knee caps. With two weeks of capping and game tape in the books, the Conductor has learned a few things.

  1. Every team in the NFL is mediocre or bad besides the Patriots and the Chiefs. Watching the 4:00 games yesterday made his eyes bleed. There is so much bad football being played and heinous quarter back play is rampant.
  2. Speaking of QB’s – Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan are all veteran QB’s who will not be backed with a cent of the Conductor’s money under any circumstance until proven otherwise. Eli and Flacco may even be auto bet against’s for the Conductor as long as they remain in the league.
  3. You should not go to the bars two hours before the 1:00pm games when you are going to be drinking stew thru the Sunday night game.

#3 is up for debate.

Tonight’s matchup is a tough one from a gambling perspective.

Cleveland Browns -6.5 @ New York Jets

Cleveland goes into NY after a disappointing week 1 performance and take on the Jets with Trevor Siemian under center. The Jets offense already looked inept with Darnold last week, but the Conductor doesn’t see much of a drop off with Siemian. The Browns have a significant talent edge on offense, but what have they proven? Nothing yet.

All the passengers are on the Browns. 75% of the public are backing the Baker and Odell hype train. The Conductor hates the bet, but he’s not going to back a 6.5 point favorite on the road who lost by 30 last week.  Backing the Jets is gross, however the Conductor is a man of principle.

Lunch Money Play:

Jets +6.5

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