January 22, 2022

The Pony Conductor

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2022 Pony a Day Challenge: January 4th, Parx Race 7

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Alright passengers 2022 is officially war time. The Ductor was doing some pondering as he fired off a few win bets at Parx yesterday. He’s made wagers each of the first three days of 2022 and he logically thought let’s make it the next 362. The challenge will be to post one win bet a day, every day and have a positive ROI when 2023 rolls around. The Ductor will track the ROI on a 2$ win bet basis only, no place or show. If you bet to place or show, please stop, you are a sucker of the highest order. The pony a day challenge will also have a race call with the corresponding bet every day. If saving horse racing was easy, everyone would do it. All aboard! Skip!

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. Clm 7500n2L P

#4 Mr. Clipboard (12/1) – Nothing like a $7,500 claimer to get this challenge off right. This colt was claimed off a 0% trainer in October and didn’t do much running off a break last time vs tougher. Making his 2nd start for a 30% barn now, he’s facing a very weak field and looks primed for a peak effort. He has the upside to improve win at a price.

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