November 26, 2022

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Saratoga: Key Horses for Saturday, July 30

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The Ductor stunk on Friday, rhe Kentucky shippers continue to not run a step at the Toga meet. The Ductor is undeterred/ Passengers sit on their hands after a rough day, ductors handicap harder. Let’s have a Saturday. Skip.

Race 2: #10 Son of a Birch (10/1) #2 Rarified Air (10/1)

Race 4: *Gullet Shot of the Day #2 Lady Firefoot (12/1) – #8 Devily is the rightful morning line favorite in here, but she’s had many chances and the Ductor doesn’t think any of the other runners with experience in here are anything special. The race looks ripe for a first time starter and Lady Firefoot jumps off of the page. Her work tab is very strong for a barn that can win first out, including a 47 and change gate work, which is very quick for this level. A red hot Castellano takes the mount and he’s done most of his damage hopping on live maidens. His jock agent needs a raise and the Ductor thinks he’s on another live one.

Heels Walk GIF - Heels Walk Fire GIFs

Race 5: #2 Flying Emperor (10/1), #1 Bank on Shea (9/2), #7 Big Bobby (10/1)

Race 6: #5 Blissful (9/2), #6 Wicked Groove (6/1)

Race 8: #4 Jackie’s Warrior (1/5), #3 NY Traffic (6/1)

Race 9: #3 Epicenter (3/2), #5 Zandon (2/1)



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