The Conductor’s Thursday Night Football Play

Green Bay Packers -4 vs Philadelphia Eagles

Finally, a good prime time match-up with two good quarterbacks and decent teams. This would be a tread lightly game, right? Wrong! You stupid passengers.

The Conductor loves the Packers in this one. The Eagles have tons of injuries and have sneakily been terrible to start the year. The Redskins had a chance to beat them on the road in week 1, who may be the worst team in the league. They then lose close games to the Falcons and Lions who are bad football teams and the Conductor will guarantee won’t make the playoffs.

Green Bay still hasn’t clicked on offense this year, but they have a top 10 defense for the first time in recent memory. The only chance Philly has is if Wentz carries the Eagles on his back and the Conductor doesn’t see that happening with his lack of weapons and strong opposition. Green Bay is going to roll in Lambo tonight. Final Score Green Bay 27 – Philadelphia 17.

Car Payment Play

Green Bay -4

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The Conductor’s Week 3 NFL Plays

The Conductor needs a clean sweep today. Must Win and a Can’t Lose!

Lunch Money Plays

Kansas City -5 vs Baltimore

Cincinnati +6.5 @ Buffalo

Philadelphia -4.5 vs Detroit

New York Giants +5.5 @ Tampa Bay

New Orleans +4.5 @ Seattle

Car Payment Plays

Indianapolis -1.5 vs Atlanta

Los Angeles Rams -3.5 @ Cleveland

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The Conductor’s Week 4 College Football Plays

The Conductor dominated last Saturday’s slate, but he’s entering this weekend already in a big hole. His first mortgage play of the year fell Short as the Utes couldn’t beat the Trojans last night.

Utah could not stop jump ball go routes and scored only two touchdowns in eight trips to the redzone. Eight! That along with 15 million penalties on both side made the Conductor drink 15 barrels of stew before the game was over. The only way to sleep after watching a game like that is to heavily poison your body. Science.

Its a new day and plenty of opportunities, time dig!

graveyard digging GIF

Lunch Money Plays

Rutgers +8 vs BC

Northwestern +8 vs Michigan State

Western Michigan +4.5 @ Syracuse

BYU +6.5 vs Wahington

Texas -7 vs OK State

Car Payment Play

Texas A&M -4 vs Auburn

The Aggies defense impressed the Conductor vs Clemson and he doesn’t think the Auburn Freshman QB is ready for this test. Texas A&M wins by at least a touchdown.

texas am aggies GIF by Texas A&M University


The Conductor’s Friday Night College Football Play

Tennessee could not block Jacksonville and the Conductor took some football L’s last night. He also had Houston +4 and had to deal with this ending.

The Conductor spent the next few hours staring at the ceiling fan and hoping it would fall and land on his Adams apple.

Luckily, those were lunch money plays and the Conductor has his first mortgage play of the season tonight.

Utah -3.5 @ USC

He doesn’t like the Utah tonight, he loves them. Their defense is the real deal and they have playmakers on offense. USC’s season is already over by their fans lunatic standards and the stadium will be empty tonight in LA. The Trojan’s QB Slovis looks alright, but he made some poor decisions against BYU and the Utes’ defense is a different animal. Final Score Utah 27 USC 13.

Mortgage Play

Utah -3.5 @ USC

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The Conductor’s Thursday Night Football Play

Tennessee -1.5 @ Jacksonville

Nothing like another puke worthy AFC South Thursday Night Football game, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some money. Jacksonville is in turmoil, Coach Doug Marrone and Jalen Ramsey arguing on the sideline and have a backup QB who is more sizzle than steak. The Titans smashed the Browns in week 1 and lost a tough one to the Colts last week.

Marriota stinks and Vegas is holding firm on the 1.5 line even though 70% of the money is on the Titans. The Conductor would normally take the home team, but the Conductor hasn’t been impressed by the Jacksonville defense and likes Vrabel as a coach. The Titans are the better team and the Conductor will hate watch this gross game as the Titans win 16-10.

Lunch Money Play

Tennesse -1.5

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The Conductor’s NFL Week 2 Recap and Monday Night Preview

Week 2 is in the books and luckily the Bears pulled out a push for the Conductor with a last second field goal to beat the Broncos by 2 yesterday. Otherwise the Conductor would have put his train up for sale today to protect his knee caps. With two weeks of capping and game tape in the books, the Conductor has learned a few things.

  1. Every team in the NFL is mediocre or bad besides the Patriots and the Chiefs. Watching the 4:00 games yesterday made his eyes bleed. There is so much bad football being played and heinous quarter back play is rampant.
  2. Speaking of QB’s – Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan are all veteran QB’s who will not be backed with a cent of the Conductor’s money under any circumstance until proven otherwise. Eli and Flacco may even be auto bet against’s for the Conductor as long as they remain in the league.
  3. You should not go to the bars two hours before the 1:00pm games when you are going to be drinking stew thru the Sunday night game.

#3 is up for debate.

Tonight’s matchup is a tough one from a gambling perspective.

Cleveland Browns -6.5 @ New York Jets

Cleveland goes into NY after a disappointing week 1 performance and take on the Jets with Trevor Siemian under center. The Jets offense already looked inept with Darnold last week, but the Conductor doesn’t see much of a drop off with Siemian. The Browns have a significant talent edge on offense, but what have they proven? Nothing yet.

All the passengers are on the Browns. 75% of the public are backing the Baker and Odell hype train. The Conductor hates the bet, but he’s not going to back a 6.5 point favorite on the road who lost by 30 last week.  Backing the Jets is gross, however the Conductor is a man of principle.

Lunch Money Play:

Jets +6.5

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The Conductor’s Week 2 NFL Picks

The Mormons prevail for the Conductor again yesterday, so the Conductor’s football wallet is fat. He can’t wait to double down.

Car Payment Play

Chicago Bears -2 @ Denver Broncos

This the only game the Conductor loves this Sunday. The Bears put up an embarrassing offensive performance in week 1 and travel to mile high after a few extra days do look themselves in the mirror and prepare. Chicago’s defense is still one of the best in the league and they are going to devour Joe Flacco who is exactly who the Conductor thought he was. The Conductor doesn’t see this one being close. Final Score – Chicago 24 Denver 10

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The Conductor’s Week 3 College Football Plays

As far as college football Saturdays go, this slate of games leave something to be desired. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make some money. Let’s Ride.

Lunch Money Plays

Kansas State +7 @ Mississippi State

Temple +6.5 vs Maryland

Penn State -17 vs Pitt

UCF – 9 vs Stanford

Iowa State +1 vs Iowa

Kentucky +9 vs Florida

Car Payment Play

BYU +4.5 vs USC, Moneyline +162 – Let’s keep the Mormon train rolling.

lgbt mormon GIF





The Conductor’s Thursday Night Football Play

Tampa Bay +7 @ Carolina

This line opened at 5 and has moved all the way up to 7 for the Panthers. Carolina didn’t look great in their opener against the Rams. Their defense looks decent, but the Conductor still has questions about Cam. He still looks like he’s off to him and they don’t have many weapons on offense besides McCaffrey.

Tampa Bay lost their debut to San Francisco all thanks to Jamies’s TWO pick 6’s. How long can the Bucs ride with this guy? He has talent but is the most careless with the football in the NFL. The Conductor doesn’t like this game and would not be surprised by any result. However, 7 is a little too high for him in a divisional game and he can’t just sit on his hands while football is on. We all have flaws. Bucs +7 it is.

Breakfast Play

Tampa Bay +7

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The Conductor’s Monday Night Football Recap

MMmmmmmmmmmm Swwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp!

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3-0 for the Conductor last night, the games played out exactly how he envisioned in his crystal ball. If I were the pony gods, I would be very weary that a hot Ductor is rolling the train into Belmont tomorrow. It’s a press week for the Conductor and that means the track better not leave any part of its neck exposed. He will be solely going for gullets. Now we play the waiting game on this calm Tuesday. Sleep tight Belmont.

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