Matt the Bat’s College Basketball Picks for 1/12

The Bat finally got on the board yesterday, with Purdue covering his mortgage play.  He would have been 2-1 too if he didn’t get his little bat heart ripped out with an Indiana backdoor cover 3 at the buzzer.

The Conductor cannot but laugh at the Bat sometimes.  Let’s see what he’s got today.

Mortgage Play:

Clemson +5 ½ vs Virginia

The Bat is going against Virginia again.  This will be a very gross game. Clemson will be physical enough to play with Virginia and knock down some shots at home where they’re 8-1 on the year.

Image result for clemson mascot gif

Car Payment Play:

Auburn -13 ½ vs Georgia

The Bat hates that he’s going with Auburn and this big of a spread, but all signs point that they should cover this number. SEC road games are going to be extremely tough to win this year and so far, it looks like one of the deepest conferences. Auburn should come out and play well after the disaster the other night.

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Lunch Money Play:

Sacred Heart -6 ½ vs Bryant

Bryant sucks on the road and Sacred Heart is actually pretty good team on offense. They should be able to score points at home.

The Bat’s Saturday Leans:

OK State +5 ½ , CINCI – 11 ½ , NC State -11 , Over 145 ½ Boston College- Notre Dame, Under 134 Minnesota- Rutgers.

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