Matt The Bat’s College Basketball Picks for 1/14

2-1 for the Bat on Saturday, but his mortgage play against Virginia may have been the dumbest pick in the history of mankind.  The Conductor slapped the Bat in the face when he told him that pick.  The Bat can be so stubborn and stupid sometimes.  It’s a new week and we must get off on the right foot with our bookmakers, let’s see what the Bat has in store.

Mortgage Play:

Pitt + 5 ½ vs Florida State

The Bat is going with Pitt for this one. Pitt can play with anybody in the country when they’re on and Florida State is a fraud team. The Bat likes them to cover this spread and win outright. NO DAYS OFF.

basketball ball GIF

Car Payment Play:

Duke -17 vs Syracuse

Cuse is going to get their doors blown off in this game. They have no bodies to match up with Dukes size inside. Marek Dolezaj 6’10 180 pounds frame might get on a flight back to Slovakia after Zion Williamson dunks down his throat.

college basketball zion GIF by Duke Men's Basketball

Lunch Money Play:

Holy Cross +4 vs Bucknell

The Bat started off his week with a nice steak and cheese for lunch. It was great. Take Holy Cross +4 tonight and you can also have a steak and cheese for lunch.

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*Conductor’s Note:

The Conductor has boots on the ground all across the country and his Maryland guy told him that the Terrapins are stone cold lock tonight.  He’ll give them out as his own Mortgage Play.

Double Mortgage Play: Maryland -3.5

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