Matt the Bat’s College Basketball Picks for 1/17

0-3 last night for the Bat and he wasn’t even close. They will write books about his incompetence. If you do not #fadethebat at this point, then you are even stupider than he is.  The pathetic Bat will have one last chance tonight.  If he does not come thru than the Conductor will feed him to the angry passengers.  It may be Bat stew for lunch tomorrow.  Sleep tight Bat Boy.

Mortgage Play:

Jacksonville State -1 vs Belmont.

The Bat doesn’t have much to say at this point. He says, “They will probably lose.”

Car Payment Play:

Over 145.5 Canisius vs Quinnipiac

The bat expects nothing more than points galore.

Lunch Money Play:

Over 166.5 Florida International vs Western Kentucky

The Conductor actually likes these plays. These are the garbage games the Bat is known for.

bat GIF

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