And On The Third Day The Bat Rose Again and Fulfilled Our Pockets

Well, Well, Well… Look who comes flying back to the Conductor.  Under Bat has taken the college basketball landscape by storm with his dominance the last two months.  However, we’ve rarely heard from him recently.  He’s been on a bender the last few weeks basking in his glory, forgetting what got him here and where he came from.  The Bat would be hanging upside down alone in his cave if it wasn’t for the Conductor.  He owes his great little Bat life to him, the least he could do was provide 3 picks a day. Right? Regardless, The Conductor is happy for the free money tonight. Fly Bat! Fly! #RidetheBat

Mortgage Play

Under 133 Clemson vs Notre Dame

Image result for basketball funny gif

Car Payment Play

Creighton -5 vs Providence

Lunch Money Play

Over 146 Iowa State vs West Virginia

Image result for vampire bat gif

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