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Today, The Conductor took a pit stop at the grocery store (Albertsons for those who want to boycott). It’s not his go to grocery store, but it’s closest to the train station and he uses it to supplement coal supply at times. His body needs fuel too. Now, when Mr. Ductor does stop in, it’s never during passenger hours. He rolled up at about 10am today. He has more time on his hands now that Saratoga turf racing is dead and this meet is a complete debacle.

The Conductor had a delightful experience cruising around the aisles selecting the finest rice and beans they had to offer. However, this was all ruined when he got to the checkout line. Many people have issues with the automated checkout system. Classic corporate taking jobs away and providing less service, but that’s not the basis of the Conductor’s rage. They’ve become a norm and it’s convenient if you’re just grabbing a few items and trying to get in and get out like he’s typically doing. No need for unnecessary passenger interaction.

His issue today was that they shut all the human lanes down but one. The few customers had two terrible options. If you had a full bin, your options were A: wait in the solo 5 deep full cart passenger line, or B: Go to the self-checkout line and scan your 50 items for 20 minutes. Of course, there were two managers monitoring the self-checkout. They stood stared at the passengers waiting in the human line laughing right in our faces. They wouldn’t dare open another line, strict orders from corporate. Mr. Ductor hasn’t seen a bigger middle finger to the customer in a while. The Conductor just waited in line like a good little passenger. Wait your turn and smile when the grocery store isn’t even close to busy and like it.

Can’t have it. Won’t do it. Can’t win with them. Albertson’s will never get a spec of coal from the Ductor again, or any grocery store that has the audacity to pull this move. Looks like rain in the forecast for Thursday at Saratoga too. Mr. Ductor is losing his mind. Skip.

Grocery Store Saratoga

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