While the Ductor is only capping the weekends for now with the sad state of racing, he feels like he should provide some more #content to the passengers. He’s going to provide a miscellaneous section with some blog posts about whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Like it or dislike it, the Ductor doesn’t care, you dopey passenger. Anyway, the Ductor was up nice and early this morning after a good nights slumber. He’s been mixing in hot yoga once a week, sometimes twice (nbd), before he heads to the train station for a hard day on the rails. Sweat the stew out, keep the lumbar limber. As the old saying goes, “sound body, sound mind, sound mind, sound capping, sound capping, strong ponies, strong ponies, strong Ductor.”

This morning was the same yoga day routine, the Ductor get’s up at the last minute, splashes some water in his face, brushes his teeth and walks to the train like a zombie. The yoga mat was in the cockpit in the seat adjacent to his, or so he thought. When he realized it wasn’t there, no big deal, he looped back around to his capping lair. When it was no where to be found there either, the Ductor was very confused. A yoga mat is not like a tv remote or air pods, it cannot be anywhere. It can either be in the closet where the Ductor leaves it, or on the train. Those are the only two options.

The Ductor then went back to the train for one last look. Defeated, he took the train out of the station for a little spin and shoved an egg mcmuffin down his latch. If the pony gods don’t want him to start his day off healthy, then he’s going to enjoy it. That’s really the end of the story, but hours later the Ductor’s brain cannot figure this out and its still annoying him.

He was 99.9% sure it was in the train. It not being anywhere else makes him think he was right. The only possible explanation he can come up with is that the train was unlocked and someone saw the yoga mat in the front seat and decided to take it. Occasionally, the Ductor will leave the train unlocked, he’s been at the same station a couple years now and didn’t think anyone was brain dead enough to test the Ductor.

Even this theory makes absolutely no sense. What mutant would steal a used yoga mat? It’s like stealing someone’s basketball shorts. Who knows if the person washed it last time. It could belong a fine specimen, like the Ductor, or a hairy slob with wring worm. Who would ever take that gamble on a 10$ mat from Amazon. It’s not like this was some extravagant rug, let’s not pretend the Ductor is some yogi Dalai Lama.


The mystery will remain unsolved for now, but I hope you passengers learned today’s valuable lesson. Don’t bet tracks with 20+% takeout rates without getting rebates. Skip

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