The Conductor’s Week 4 College Football Plays

The Conductor dominated last Saturday’s slate, but he’s entering this weekend already in a big hole. His first mortgage play of the year fell Short as the Utes couldn’t beat the Trojans last night.

Utah could not stop jump ball go routes and scored only two touchdowns in eight trips to the redzone. Eight! That along with 15 million penalties on both side made the Conductor drink 15 barrels of stew before the game was over. The only way to sleep after watching a game like that is to heavily poison your body. Science.

Its a new day and plenty of opportunities, time dig!

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Lunch Money Plays

Rutgers +8 vs BC

Northwestern +8 vs Michigan State

Western Michigan +4.5 @ Syracuse

BYU +6.5 vs Wahington

Texas -7 vs OK State

Car Payment Play

Texas A&M -4 vs Auburn

The Aggies defense impressed the Conductor vs Clemson and he doesn’t think the Auburn Freshman QB is ready for this test. Texas A&M wins by at least a touchdown.

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The Conductor’s Friday Night College Football Play

Tennessee could not block Jacksonville and the Conductor took some football L’s last night. He also had Houston +4 and had to deal with this ending.

The Conductor spent the next few hours staring at the ceiling fan and hoping it would fall and land on his Adams apple.

Luckily, those were lunch money plays and the Conductor has his first mortgage play of the season tonight.

Utah -3.5 @ USC

He doesn’t like the Utah tonight, he loves them. Their defense is the real deal and they have playmakers on offense. USC’s season is already over by their fans lunatic standards and the stadium will be empty tonight in LA. The Trojan’s QB Slovis looks alright, but he made some poor decisions against BYU and the Utes’ defense is a different animal. Final Score Utah 27 USC 13.

Mortgage Play

Utah -3.5 @ USC

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The Conductor’s Week 3 College Football Plays

As far as college football Saturdays go, this slate of games leave something to be desired. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make some money. Let’s Ride.

Lunch Money Plays

Kansas State +7 @ Mississippi State

Temple +6.5 vs Maryland

Penn State -17 vs Pitt

UCF – 9 vs Stanford

Iowa State +1 vs Iowa

Kentucky +9 vs Florida

Car Payment Play

BYU +4.5 vs USC, Moneyline +162 – Let’s keep the Mormon train rolling.

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The Conductor’s Week 2 College Football Saturday Plays

The Conductor must do better than last week, MUST. At least he has a week of tape under his belt. Let’s Ride.

Lunch Money Plays

Rutgers @ Iowa Over 48.5

Vanderbilt +7 @ Purdue, Vanderbilt +225 M/L

Texas A&M +16.5 @ Clemson

LSU -6.5 @ Texas

Car Payment Plays

Michigan -22 vs Army – Michigan is not going to let up points vs the triple option. Army is going to get throttled.

BYU +3.5 @ Tennessee, BYU +150 M/L – BYU should be favored in this game. Tennesse’s loss to Georgia State was no fluke, they suck. The Cougars played one of the best defenses in the country last week and the Conductor sees them bouncing back in a big way. BYU’s defense is solid and QB Zach Wilson is going to show his true self tonight. This line is asinine.

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The Conductor’s Saturday College Football Plays After Wake Forest Ripped Out His Gullet Last Night

Wake Forest won by 3…..that didn’t help the Conductor. 0-2 so far, he’s sick of college football already. Here’s what he’s playing today, Let’s Ride.

Lunch Money Plays:

JMU +7.5 @ WVU, VTech -4.5 @ BC, Northwestern +6.5 @ Stanford, Northwestern +195 M/L, Liberty +19 vs Syracuse

Car Payment Plays:

Ole Miss +4 @ Memphis

Ole Miss +157 ML

FAU @ Ohio State Over 62

FAU Team Total Over 19

Auburn @ Oregon Over 55.5

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The Conductor’s Friday Night College Football Play

The Utes kicked the Conductor right in the teeth to start the 2019 college football season, typical. That game was absolute torcher to watch from a BYU backer’s perspective. It was 9-6 Utah at halftime and BYU had controlled the game. They moved it into the RedZone twice and settled for field goals and Utah’s TD came on a panic pick 6. BYU should have been up 14-3 at half and the Conductor knew he was in trouble when they didn’t take advantage of their opportunities early.

In the 2nd half Utah ran it right down the Cougars’ gullets, but we still had a chance to cover if BYU didn’t hand Utah two TD’s off unforced turnovers. The Conductor likes both teams moving forward, but BYU did him no favors last night.

Wake Forest -4 vs Utah State

The Conductor’s chase game tonight is down in Winston Salem. The Demon Deacons have improved mightily the last few years under head coach Dave Clawson and are getting much better recruits. Utah State is coming in off a great 10-2 season, but their head coach left and most of their returning production on offense is gone. The smaller schools can’t reload like the big boys. Both teams will put up points in this one, but Wake will ware them out late with their wicked tempo at home under the lights. The Conductor sees the Deacons winning by at last a touchdown.

Car Payment Play Wake Forest -4

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The Conductor’s Thursday Night College Football Play

Football season is back and that is exactly what the Conductor needs. Saratoga has dragged him through the streets the past month, but now he can diversify his portfolio and start firing away on some good ol’ fashion American Football. The Florida vs Miami game last week may have been the grossest thing the Conductor has ever watched, but it’s nice that football is back.

BYU +6.5 vs Utah

Tonight’s slate has few good match-ups and the Conductor is taking the train to Utah for the Holy War.

This is going to be a hell of a game. Utah is loaded entering the season with most of a 9-5 team back and a stellar defense. They’ve been getting hyped up all off season with all the passengers in the media saying how good they’re going to be. They are a good team yes, but this is week one and they are playing their bitter rival.

They Conductor liked what he saw out of BYU QB Zach Wilson to end last season and the Cougars are returning most of their production from last year as well. BYU is always well coached on both sides of the ball and the Conductor loves taking the Mormon’s as underdogs. This is a rivalry game and these two teams despise each other.

*Key to the Game – The Mormon factor: What won’t be talked about in the media is the Mormon factor. 99% of the kids on Utah were out drinking stew all summer, that’s what college kids do. The Mormons on the other hand don’t drink stew. Should that be an NCAA violation? Probably, but the Conductor knows from experience how much damage stew can do to the body. In a tight game, even the slightest advantage can put a team over the edge, and the Cougars have it in this one.

Car Payment Play: BYU +6.5

Lunch Money Play: BYU Moneyline +200

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