The Conductor’s Thursday Night Football Play

Green Bay Packers -4 vs Philadelphia Eagles

Finally, a good prime time match-up with two good quarterbacks and decent teams. This would be a tread lightly game, right? Wrong! You stupid passengers.

The Conductor loves the Packers in this one. The Eagles have tons of injuries and have sneakily been terrible to start the year. The Redskins had a chance to beat them on the road in week 1, who may be the worst team in the league. They then lose close games to the Falcons and Lions who are bad football teams and the Conductor will guarantee won’t make the playoffs.

Green Bay still hasn’t clicked on offense this year, but they have a top 10 defense for the first time in recent memory. The only chance Philly has is if Wentz carries the Eagles on his back and the Conductor doesn’t see that happening with his lack of weapons and strong opposition. Green Bay is going to roll in Lambo tonight. Final Score Green Bay 27 – Philadelphia 17.

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Green Bay -4

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The Conductor’s Thursday Night Football Preview

Green Bay +3.5 @ Chicago

After a rough first weekend for the Conductor betting the amateurs, words cannot describe how happy he is that professional football is back.

We have a hell of a divisional game to start the season and the line that opened at 4 and has been hopping between 3 and 4 all day. Green Bay is entering the year with a new staff and a healthy Aaron Rodgers after a subpar 2018, and the Bears are returning one of the best defenses in the league and a more experienced Mitch Trubisky.

The Conductor made a lot of money last year betting against Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers quit on McCarthy and the Packers needed a change. The Conductor sees Rodgers coming out of the gates flying this year and having a MVP type year now that he’s gotten his way.

The Conductor is also still very skeptical of Trubisky. He shows flashes of solid play and doesn’t have to do much with that defense, but he makes some terrible decisions and is inaccurate. In the first game of the year, on a warm night in Chicago, the Conductor sees this spread as too high for anything over 3. He’s taking Green Bay outright as well. Your getting +155 on this man:

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Vs This man:

Image result for trubisky interception gif

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Green Bay +3.5

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Green Bay +155 M/L