Esophagus Slice Saturday: The Conductor’s Cigar Mile Day Plays at Aqueduct

Big day, Let’s Ride.

Race 6: 1 Mile. F.G3 Go for Wand Handicap

#6 Our Super Nova (6/1) – This filly has an early pace edge in a race filled with closers. The Conductor wants her ridden aggressively and going right to the front. She’ll be tough to pass down the lane.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. Mdn 70k

#2 The Angry Man (12/1) – The Conductor likes this gelding’s work tab and attitude.

Race 8: 1 1/8 Mile. F.G2 Demoiselle Stakes

#6 Critical Value (8/1) – Her maiden breaker at Saratoga came back very live and she dominated the competition in her last start. With a natural step forward, she’ll be tough.

Race 9: 1 1/8 Mile. G3 Remsen Stakes

*Gullet Shot of the Day #6 Shotski (15/1) – He ran well stretching out for the first time last out and will get more distance today. The Conductor loves this colt’s progression with each race this race smells like chaos. The Conductor will key him in the trifecta.

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Race 10: 1 Mile. G1 Cigar Mile Handicap

#6 Spun to Run (5/2) – He’s posting bullet works entering today and has turned into a different animal this fall. He can take down #5 Maximum Security (3/2).

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Force Feed Friday: The Conductor’s Plays at Aqueduct

Time to bounce back. Let’s Ride.

Race 6: 1 Mile. Clm 12500

#5 Gypsum Johnny (6/1) – This gelding has burned money at the window his last few starts and now its time to pounce on him at a better price. He stretches out to a mile where he’s done his best running and trainer Linda Rice is very adept with this move.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. F.S.Alw 66000n1x

#5 Eye’s On You (9/2) – Shipping in from Finger Lakes, she’s a hard knocker and her figures fit right in with this group. The Conductor will key her in the exacta.

Race 9: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) Central Park Stakes

*Gullet Shot of the Day #4 Old Chestnut (6/1) – This colt has shown talent sprinting in his young career and he’s stretching out today for the first time. His late pace figures suggest this won’t be a problem.

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Throat Shot Thursday: The Conductor’s Plays at Aqueduct

The Conductor had the right idea last night, he just had the wrong closer. Stupid Conductor! The train is headed back to NY today and we need to line our pockets before Cigar Mile Saturday. Let’s Ride.

Race 2: 1 Mile. Alw 75000n1x

*Gullet Shot of the Day #7 Foolish Ghost (10/1) – He ran a dud last time but couldn’t get the early lead. He’s the only one in this race who wants the lead and is dangerous when he has things his own way on the front end. At a big price the Conductor envisions him going gate to wire.

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Race 7: 1 Mile. F.Alw 50000s

#4 Girl of Tosconova (6/1) – Her last two sprints at this level set her up perfectly to stretch back out to a route in this spot. Rosario stays aboard and her even running style is perfect for the mile distance.


Wind Pipe Whack Wednesday: The Conductor’s Spot Play at Woodbine

The Conductor’s tracks return tomorrow, but the Conductor is getting antsy. He always takes a peek at the Woodbine Wednesday night card on and he found a price he likes in the 7th.

Race 7: 7 Furlongs. F.OClm 40000

#9 Bossalina (8/1) – This filly ran 3rd at this level last time behind a moderate pace. She’s the only runner in today’s field that has proven she can pass horses and win. With the others battling for the lead on the front end, she’ll get a perfect setup and will be running late. The Conductor will key her in the exacta.

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The Conductor is Resting Today


Throat Shot Thursday: The Conductor’s Thanksgiving Day Plays at Churchill Downs

Happy Thanksgiving you filthy passengers. The Conductor has plenty to be thankful for in his life. He hopes you have a glorious day with friends and family. Time to stuff our gullets and our wallets, Let’s Ride.

Race 2: 1 1/16 Mile. OC 80000b

#2 Ballard High (8/1) – This colt doesn’t often win, but always shows up. His figures fit in here and the Conductor will key him in the exacta.

Race 6: 5½ Furlongs. (Turf) Alw 105000nc

#6 Holiday Stone (12/1) – He won nicely last time cutting back to a turf sprint for the first time. He’s won two in a row and the Conductor sees him thriving at this distance.

Race 7: 7 Furlongs. Clm 30000n2L

*Gullet Shot of the Day #8 Peppered (15/1) – Dropping in class and cutting back to a sprint, the Conductor guarantees he runs in the trifecta.

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Race 8: 1 Mile. Clm 50000n2L

#7 House Limit (5/1) – There are no limits in the Conductor’s house.

Race 9: 1 1/8 Mile. F.G2 Falls City Handicap

#6 Sally’s Curlin (3/1) – Winner of her last three, she’s on the improve and running massive late pace figures.

Race 10: 6½ Furlongs. Alw 97000n1x

#2 Tight Ten (15/1) – This colt showed talent as a 2-year-old and hasn’t run a good race this year. He’s had some time off since his last start, is working consistently, and Asmussen keeps him protected vs allowance company. All are positive signs.

Race 11: 1 1/8 Mile. (Turf) F.G3 Cardinal Stakes

#11 Starship Jubilee (6/5) – She looks like a standout in here, but the Conductor will key #3 Tweety Show (50/1) and #12 Area (30/1) at monster numbers in the trifecta.


Wind Pipe Whack Wednesday: The Conductor’s Plays at Aqueduct

Nothing like holiday racing. Avoiding your “normal” family with a glass of stew in the basement and firing away on ponies and football/basketball with your degenerate cousins and uncles. Beautiful indeed, Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 1 Mile. MC 40000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #2 Bobbyfromthepalm (8/1) – He took money at the windows in his debut vs tougher at Saratoga. 1st off the claim for George Weaver, he’s working well and stretches out to a route for the first time.

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Race 2: 1 Mile. F.Clm 10000

#4 Princess Victoria (3/1) – This mare pressed a hot pace vs tougher last time. Third off the layoff today and dropping in class, the Conductor loves her.

Race 3: 1 Mile. F.S.OC 40000n2x

#5 Riot Worthy (15/1) – She’s unlikely to win, but there will be a highly contested lead in this race. She will get a favorable trip and the Conductor will key her in 2nd and 3rd at a big number.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. (OFF Turf) S.MC 40000

#7 Hudson Overpass (7/2) – He has a strong early pace edge over this group.

Race 5: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 32000

#4 Science Fiction (6/1) – Dropping to the claiming ranks and getting a rider upgrade to Alvarado, she loves the Aqueduct dirt.

Race 6: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) S.Mdn 62k

#2 Implied Volatility (4/1) – Stepping up in class, he’s run well in his first two starts under different circumstances. He has the most upside in the field.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. (Outer Turf) OC 80000n1x

#7 Turned Aside (7/2) – This colt pressed a scorching pace vs stakes company last time. With a good draw today, he’ll be tough to beat.

Race 8: 1 Mile. F.Alw 75000n1x

#5 Foolish Living (5/2) – After scratches, she looks like an easy winner.

Race 9: 6 Furlongs. (OFF Turf) MC 40000

#10 Lawn Boy (10/1) – The Conductor will take a swing with the Castellano brothers teaming up.


Esophagus Slice Saturday: The Conductor’s Plays at Aqueduct

The day of reckoning is upon us. Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6 Furlongs. Clm 40000n2L

#4 Casper Slew (5/2) – 2nd off the layoff, this colt is steadily progressing and Jose Ortiz hops aboard. He’s working well and looks to get a great trip up close to a moderate pace.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. (Outer Turf) F.S.Mdn 62k

#8 Chouchou de Boo (8/1) – She ran well in her debut at a huge number in a race taken off the turf. She should move up on the grass an Castellano takes the mount.

Race 3: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.S.Alw 66000n1x

*Gullet Shot of the Day #9 Tempers Way (8/1) – Getting back on the turf, she’s the only girl who wants the lead in year. She has a major chance to wire this field.

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Race 4: 6½ Furlongs. Clm 10000

#3 Sir Ballantine (6/1) – Cutting back to a sprint, he’ll be flying late and loves the Aqueduct surface.

Race 5: 6 Furlongs. (Outer Turf) Clm 25000

#2 Celebration (6/1) – He has an early pace edge over this group, which is always dangerous in a turf sprint.

Race 6: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) Mdn 70k

#1 Telephone Talker (2/1) – This colt ran very well in his debut sprinting on turf and is bred to be even better on the lawn.

Race 9: 1 3/8Mile. (Turf) G3 Red Smith Stakes

#3 Nakamura (10/1) – He keeps running well regardless of having slow paces to close into. He has huge late pace figures and looks to get a fairer setup today.

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Force Feed Friday: The Conductor’s Spot Plays at Aqueduct

This game is bringing the the Conductor to his knees. Let’s Ride

Race 2: 7 Furlongs. Clm 50000n3L

*Gullet Shot of the Day #1 Rucksack (9/2) – Dropping to the claiming ranks and Rosario hopping aboard, this gelding needs the lead and should get it easily in a race without much pace. Gate to wire.

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Race 3: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 16000n2L

#8 Nan’s Plan (6/1) – Her debut win at Gulftream would beat this group. Switching back to dirt and dropping in class, she’s more than dangerous.


Throat Shot Thursday: The Conductor’s Plays at Aqueduct

The Conductor doesn’t want a big day, he needs one. We will execute and we will thrive. Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6 Furlongs. (OFF Turf) F.S.MC 40000

#11 Happy Music (8/1) – 2nd off the layoff this filly drops to the claiming ranks for the firt time and has been well bet vs tougher. She draws in as an MTO.

Race 2: 1 Mile. F.Clm 16000n2L

#2 True Prosperity (6/1) – She had a troubled trip last time and she gets back to a route today where she ran her best two back. She’ll run in the exacta at a nice number.

Race 3: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.Alw 50000s

#6 Overheated (10/1) – This girl stretches out to a turf route for the first time and this group is very average. Rosario has hit with some big prices riding for Ray Handal recently.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. (Turf) Mdn 70k

#2 Tan and Tight (6/5) – Keep it tight, keep it light.

Race 5: 7 Furlongs. F.Clm 25000n2L

*Gullet Shot of the Day #5 Abraxan (10/1) – She’s dropping to the claiming ranks for the first time and has run on turf and a sloppy track in her last two starts. Her form sprinting on a fast dirt track gives her every chance.

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Race 6: 1 1/16 Mile. (Outer Turf) S.Clm 25000

#9 Whatawonderflworld (9/2) – Dropping to her lowest career class level, she ran very well last time vs tougher and looks to get a good setup today with pace to run at.

Race 7: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.OC 100000b

#3 Chipolata (4/1) – This filly has the back class and figures to beat the favorite #2 Dream Passage (1/1) and will be a much better price. She’s also 1/1 over the Aqueduct surface.

Race 8: 6 Furlongs. F.S.MC 40000

#1 Maru (7/2) – She showed speed vs tougher in her debut and hung on for 3rd. She can run this group off their feet.