Birthed in the infield of Saratoga many moons ago, there is a man the history books won’t tell you about. A prophet who sees winners on the page before the races are run.  He speaks to no one, but every race book from the Redwood Forest to the gulf stream waters knows his name.  Many a track have closed over the years after he has hammered countless long shots right down their gullets.

In the infamous Kentucky Derby of 1913, the bay colt Donerail pulled off the largest upset the first Saturday in May has ever seen, hitting the wire in front at 91-1.  All the patrons left Louisville solemnly with empty pockets, except for one man who escaped with more loot than any peasant could dream.

A legend was born that day and after decades of silence he is finally willing to bestow his wisdom upon the public.  We get too peak inside the brain of a madman, a savant and the greatest horse player in the history of mankind.  He is more myth than mortal, more steak than sizzle, he is the one they call The Pony Conductor.

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