Baffert Can’t Wriggle Out of the One: Goes Palms Up Again

Pretty calm Sunday morning with the Kentucky Derby winner getting popped for a drug violation. Baffert has finally faced some media criticism this year with other positives, and it culminates with a positive test in the Derby.

Another black eye for the game, that is hopefully a good thing in the long run. Baffert is the king of the cheaters and has been doing it for decades. Even if he slithers his way out of this one, his reputation is tarnished and the other cheaters will be treading lightly for a while.

Its truly impressive that he gives the “It wasn’t me” excuse every time, not an ounce of accountability at any point. Probably will blame a groom, the feed, or the lab at some point soon. Baffert is just as bad for the game as Servis and Navarro, but he’s the face of US racing, so he’s Teflon Don. Its not like Bob is the only one, he’s just the best at it. He wins every major dirt race and looks, walks and talks the part. He’s been defended for years by 90% of the horse racing media shills, who can Justify every question mark.

The bottom line is big name trainers getting national media coverage for cheating should speed up cleaning up the game. That’s best for everyone involved in the industry and most importantly the horses. There are plenty more on the list, but Baffert is at the top. Get him out of the game.

Bob Baffert: Hall of Fame trainer suspended from Preakness Stakes | CNN

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