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Sabbath Sunday: The Conductor’s Prayers at Aqueduct

With Belmont coming around the corner and California in shambles, the Conductor is going back to his roots.  The Conductor needs to reset.  New York racing is what built him. Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 12500

#1 Elizabeth Nicole (6/5) – She’s got a major pace advantage against this group.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. S.MC 25000

#5 Dark Money (8/1) – 1st off the claim, he was well bet in his last start and had a terrible trip.  With a clean one he’s dangerous.

Race 3: 6 Furlongs. F.Alw 70000n1x

*Never a Doubt Lock From God #1 Shimmering Moon (1/1) – She stands above these.

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Race 4: 6 Furlongs. S.Mdn 60k

#7 Red Zinger (2/1) – Drawn well to the outside, this boy has more talent in his right knee than the rest of these.

Race 5: 1 Mile. F.Clm 10000

#4 Gobi (8/1) – Throw out her last race off a long layoff on a sloppy track, she fits.

Race 6: 6 Furlongs. S.MC 50000

#1 Wilson’s Holiday (15/1) – Trainer Paul Barrow is 31% with a +$1.96 ROI debuting maiden claimers this year.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. F.Alw 50000s

#5 Trouble for Skylar (5/2) – This girl’s last race was very impressive.

Race 8: 1 Mile. F.S. 100K Maddie May Stakes

*Gullet Shot of the Day #8 Flush (5/1) – She’s got the most talent in the field.

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Race 9: 6 Furlongs. F.S.OC 75000n1x

#8 Bustin Scones (15/1) – She’s working well and steadily improving. Low % connections are the only reason she’ll be a big price.


Esophagus Slice Saturday: The Conductor’s Florida Derby Day Plays at Gulfstream Park

Hold on to your nuts. Let’s Ride

Race 1: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) Clm 16000

#5 Billy Big (5/1) – Whenever he drops to this level, he is a major contender.

Race 2: 7 Furlongs. F.Clm 6250

#1 Is That Magic (2/1) – She looks best to the Conductor, no strong opinions here.

Race 3: 1 Mile. Mdn 80k

*Gullet Shot of the Day #8 Jamaican (12/1) – Stretching out for the first time, he’s working well and showed real ability as a 2-year-old.

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Race 4: 1 Mile. G2 Gulfstream Park Mile

#6 Guy Caballero (12/1) – He has good early speed in a race without much pace. He ran very well in his 1st career start on dirt last time.

Race 5: 6 ½ Furlongs. F.Clm 12500

#7 Sonoma Storm (4/1) – The Conductor has that feeling in his left knee.

Race 6: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.Sanibel Island Stakes

#3 A Bit Special (9/5) – There is nothing to knock about this filly.

Race 7: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.Mdn 80k

#2 Niko’s Dream (9/2) – The Conductor liked this girl’s 2nd last time from the 10 post. She is steadily improving.

Race 8: 1 1/16 Mile. G2 Gulfstream Park Oaks

#5 Champagne Anyone (6/1) – He hasn’t had pace to run at in the last few.  With a hotter pace today he’ll have every chance.

Race 9: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) Mdn 80k

#8 Social Paranoia (3/1) – If he doesn’t win here, he never will.

Race 10: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.100K Sand Springs Stakes

#9 Proctor’s Ledge (4/1) – 2/2 at Gulfstream in her career, her late kick is thunderous.

Race 11: 7 Furlongs. OC 25000n1x

#4 Roc Doc (8/1) – This horse keeps getting better with each start.

Race 12: 1 Mile. (Turf) OC 62500n2x

#5 Black Sea (20/1) – This gelding has very strong late pace figures.  The Conductor will key him in the trifecta.

Race 13: 1½ Mile. (Turf) G2 Pan American Stakes

#2 Melmich (6/1) – 3rd off the layoff, the Conductor loved his last race, closing into a slow pace. He’s a warrior.

Race 14: 1 1/8 Mile. FlaDerby-G1 Xpressbet Florida Derby Grade I

*Never a Doubt Lock of the Day 1 Hidden Scroll (5/2) – He set a torrid pace last start and won’t have that problem today. With a better ride from Castellano the Conductor sees him putting on a show and becoming your derby favorite.

mr. t scroll GIF

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Force Feed Friday: The Conductor’s Must Win to Survive Plays at Gulfstream Park

The Conductor does not want to play the ponies today.  He wants to suck his thumb and scream at the replay of the Tennessee “foul” at the end of the game.  But, he is the Conductor.  This is the cross he bears.  He must get back on the horse not only for himself, but for his loyal passengers.  This is the life he chose.

A graze of the leg? Gross. It also took him 7 seconds to inbound the ball………Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) MC 20000

#9 Art’s Table (8/1) – 3rd off the layoff, he showed good early speed last start and gets a rider upgrade to Louis Saez today.

Race 2: 7 Furlongs. S.OC 12500n1x

#2 Jalen Journey (8/1) – 2nd off the layoff, she crushed last start and ran a very strong number.  She’s stepping up in class but has an early pace advantage in here.

Race 3: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) F.Clm 16000b

#6 Salsita Roja (5/2) – 1st off the claim for strong connections, she can scoot.

Race 4: 7 Furlongs. MC 35000

#6 Big Alex (6/1) – He’s making progress in each start and adds blinkers today.

Race 5: 6 ½ Furlongs. F.Clm 12500

*Gullet Shot of the Day #8 Royally Cool (5/1) – She set a blistering pace last time out in a race that has come back very strong.  She’s the Conductor’s best bet of the day over 3/1.

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Race 6: 1 Mile. (Turf) MC 50000

#1 All in Stew Out (6/1) – Drawn well to the inside 3rd off a layoff, he showed a strong late kick last start closing into a slow pace.

Race 7: 1 Mile. Clm 30000b

#6 Drop Kick (3/1) – The Conductor liked her last race on the grass and she figures to step forward on her preferred dirt surface.

Race 8: 1 3/16 Mile. 100k Skip Away Stakes

*Never a Doubt Friday Night Bottle Service Lock of the Day #7 Rocketry (5/2) – The switch to dirt has done this man good.  Lock.

make it rain champagne GIF by MOST EXPENSIVEST

Race 9: 1 Mile. (Turf) G3 Appleton Stakes

#2 Dr. Edgar (10/1) – This gelding is in great form and this isn’t the toughest Grade 3 you’ll ever see.  The Conductor thinks he can take the step up in class.

Race 10: 1 3/8 Mile. (Turf) F.G3 Orchid Stakes

#9 Santa Monica (1/1) – Clear class of the field. Can’t Lose.

Race 11: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.MC 20000

#8 Abjure (4/1) – The Conductor doesn’t have a clue in this one.


27-1 Gullet Shot In the Finale at Turf Paradise Yesterday: The Train Rolls into Gulfstream Park for Throat Shot Thursday


Off at: 4:55   Race Type: Claiming
Age Restriction: Three Year Old and Upward
Purse: $7,000
Distance: Six And One Half Furlongs On The Dirt
Track Condition: Fast
Winning Time: 1:16.88

Pgm Horse Jockey Win Place Show
Charlie Again Kassie Guglielmino 56.80 14.60 7.40
Stax On Stacks Francisco Arrieta 2.60 2.20
Cecil the Cat Leslie Mawing 3.00

Chooooooooo!!!!!! Chooooooooo!!!!!! Go Charlie! Go! That’s how you rip a gullet out Conductor!  Now we have a little cash to play with heading into Gulfstream. Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.MC 50000

#5 Always Lucky (6/1) – Johnny V hops aboard this well-bred 1st time starter.  The Conductor has questions about the favorites.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. Clm 35000

#5 Leaky Cup (5/1) – Making his 1st start as a 3-year-old, this colt ran a competitive figure for this level in his maiden breaker last year.  With natural progression he’ll be more than dangerous.

Race 3: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) Clm 16000n1y

#6 City Rock (12/1) – She’s got an early pace advantage over this group.  If she can clear to the front, look out.

Race 4: 7 Furlongs. F.MC 50000

#2 Eye’s Reward (9/5) – Dropping in class to the maiden claiming level, his last two starts make him ultra-tough.

Race 5: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) S.OC 16000n1x

#4 Swagger (5/2) – The Conductor likes this guy’s attitude.

Race 6: 6 Furlongs. F.MC 20000

#3 Sky Chaser (4/1) – Dropping in class, she’s working well and Irad takes the mount for the 1st time.

Race 7: 7 Furlongs. OClm 10000

*Never a Doubt Free Golf Weekend Lock of the Day #2 Charlie the Greek (7/5) – This gelding looks like an easy winner shortening a furlong after a strong 2nd last time.

happy gilmore golf GIF

Race 8: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.Mdn 50k

#1 Live Young (20/1) – This filly didn’t show much in her debut, but she was a cool 425k at the Keeneland sale. The Conductor will give her a shot to hit the board at a monster number.

Race 9: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.OC 25000n2x

#7 Go Rose (3/1) – She looks to get a perfect trip.

Race 10: 6 Furlongs. F.OC 62500n2x

*Gullet Shot of the Day #4 Awesome Mass (8/1) – 2nd off the layoff she dueled to set a hot pace last time and she has past figures to make her competitive.  She shortens a furlong too.

Partying Jersey Shore GIF

Race 11: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.MC 16000

#10 You Cant Catch Her (20/1) – She’s dropping in class and moved early into a hot pace last start. This race is disgusting.


Wind Pipe Whack Wednesday: The Conductor’s Plays at Turf Paradise

Gulfstream has held off until tomorrow with the big weekend ahead, so the Conductor will stay in Arizona for one more day. So-so showing yesterday, the next few days will be chaos.  Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 4 ½ Furlongs. Clm 3000n4L

#7 Yuma Thurman (5/2) – Drawn well to the outside, he looks to get a perfect trip.

Race 2: 1 Mile. (Turf) Clm 10000n2L

#5 Tequila Cowboy (9/2) – He’s the only runner in the field that has won on the grass.

Race 3: 1 Mile. OC 7500

#6 Jonny’s Choice (8/5) – These connections wont get beat at turf paradise.

Race 4: 1 Mile. Clm 3000n2x

#3 Wild Atlantic Way (6/1) – He surprised last time at 7/1 and that race came back as the fastest last race in the group.  At that price he’s worth a bet.

Race 5: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.Clm 8500b

*Never a Doubt Humpday Lock #2 Ocean Dream (2/1) – She has a thunderous late kick and will get pace to run at.

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Race 6: 6 ½ Furlongs. Clm 3000

#2 Allen’s Crown (6/5) – Chalk.

Race 7: 5 ½ Furlongs. MC 5000

#1 Drops in the Ocean (3/1) – The Conductor needs to see the ocean soon.

Race 8: 6 ½ Furlongs. Clm 3000b

*Gullet Shot of the Day #7 Charlie Again (20/1) – He pressed a hot place last start and the Conductor loves the cutback to a sprint. A bomb to end the card.

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Trachea Kick Tuesday: The Conductor’s Plays at Turf Paradise

We had one 4/1 winner at Turf Paradise yesterday, and that was about it. The train will head down to Gulfstream tomorrow for Florida Derby week, so we need to build our bankroll in a big way.  Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 870yds. Clm 6250

#3 Bitahaven (20/1) – 3rd off the layoff, he progressed last start and another step forward today puts him in contention at a big number.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 8500n2L

#4 M and M Girl (3/1) – The drop in class will help her return to for, and her good race beats them.

Race 3: 5 ½ Furlongs. MC 5000

#6 Bynumson (3/1) – A slight improvement from his debut effort makes him very dangerous.

Race 4: 6 ½ Furlongs. F.Clm 3000b

*Gullet Shot of the Day #3 Datt Town (15/1) – Dropping in class, cutting back to a sprint and switching back to dirt, this filly is the only runner with early speed in the field.  She has a chance to scamper away.

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Race 5: 6 Furlongs. Clm 3500nL

#7 Wildcat Kaos (8/1) – Hi last race was disappointing, but his form prior makes him a contender.

Race 6: 7 ½ Furlongs (Turf) Alw 15000n3L

#7 Thegloryisallmine (3/1) – The Conductor gets all the glory.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. MC 5000

*Never a Doubt Taco Tuesday Lock of the Day #1 Stryker’s Dream (2/1) – He’s steadily progressing and cutting back to a sprint after setting a hot pace last start.

Image result for taco gif

Race 8: 5 ½ Furlongs. F.MC 5000

#4 Mia Mo (6/1) – 1st off the claim for trainer Fernando Gamez has been profitable lately.  This girl is also the quickest in the field.


Moon Shot Monday: The Conductor’s Red Eye Home From Vegas Plays at Turf Paradise

The Conductor is in disheveled after his Vegas trip, but he’ll still give us Turf Paradise winners to start our week.  He is a true provider. Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 5 ½ Furlongs. F.OC 7500

#2 Ryderroo (12/1) – She made up lots of ground in the stretch last start, in a race that came back very fast on the Conductor’s numbers.  That’s good enough for him at the price she’ll be.

Race 2: 5 ½ Furlongs. Clm 3000n2x

#3 Airorne Mark (8/1) – This old man has good early speed and loves to win at this track.

Race 3: 1 Mile. F.Clm 3500n2L

*Never a Doubt Work Week Starter Lock of the Day #6 Walk Away (7/5) – She can’t lose.

Image result for mad at work gif

Race 4: 4 ½ Furlongs. Clm 3000

#2 Parliamentarian (9/2) – He’s in good form and the Conductor thinks the favorite will flop.

Race 5: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.MC 30000

#6 Lesedi (4/1) – Her figures give her every chance.

Race 6: 5 ½ Furlongs. Clm 3500n3L

#8 Tizjohndeersway (3/1) – He’s been much improved as a 4-year-old and is drawn well to the outside.

Race 7: 5 ½ Furlongs. OClm 7500

*Gullet Shot of the Day #5 Harnersbach (6/1) – 1st off the claim, this gelding’s early pace figures make him more than dangerous.  He’s the Conductor’s best bet on the card over 4/1.

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Race 8: 7 ½ Furlongs. Alw 14000n2L

#3 Real Lute (8/1) – He took a big step forward last start.  That price is ripe.

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Sabbath Sunday: The Conductor’s Prayers at Aqueduct and the Sunland Derby

The Conductor will never play Fair Grounds again. Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6 Furlongs. MC 20000

*Never a Doubt Sunday Night Scary Preventer But Not Really They Can’t Be Prevented Tonight Lock of the Day #3 Racing Raven (4/5) – Cutting back to a sprint, he has to beat this horrendous field.

Image result for hiding under covers gif

Race 2: 6½ Furlongs. Clm 40000b

#3 Bootlegger (4/1) – 3rd off the layoff and dropping in class, he looks to be a new animal this year.  His last two races give him every chance.

Race 3: 5½ Furlongs. S.Mdn 60k

#1 Holey Matrimony (9/2) – Debuting for a hot barn, this colt is well bred and working well.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. F.MC 20000

#2 Give Me a Hug (3/1) – 2nd off the layoff and cutting back to a sprint this filly has been well bet vs much tougher.  The Conductor needs a big hug after Vegas.

Race 5: 6 Furlongs. F.OClm 75000

#6 Movie Score (5/1) – She was only beaten a length two starts back vs similar with a solid figure and Ryerson is 25% with a +$0.50 ROI this year 1st off the claim.

Race 6: 1 Mile. S.Mdn 60k

#6 Papa Jim (4/1) – 2nd off the layoff and stretching out for the 1st time he ran a very good 3rd last start with a tough trip.

Race 7: 7 Furlongs. S.Alw 64000n1x

*Gullet Shot of the Day #5 Shamrock Kid (9/2) – He ran a huge fire last start in the slop.  He’s in good form and has a pace edge over this group. 9/2 would be stealing.

Image result for knockout gif

Race 8: 1 Mile. F.Alw 70000n1x

#8 Storm Rising (7/2) – She was bumped at the break and still demolished her competition in her debut. She has talent.

Race 9: 1 Mile. S.Clm 32000

#1 Oh K Funnybone (6/1) – He’s steadily progressing and stretching back out to a mile, where he has his lone win.

Sunland Park

Race 11: 1 1/8 Mile. G3 Sunland Park Derby

#2 Anotherwistafate (3/1) – #1 Much Gusto (8/5) is clearly the Baffert horse to beat, but he’ll likely go off at 2/5 in here.  This colt shipping in from Golden Gate will likely go off higher than 3/1 and the Conductor will take a swing with him.  He’s won three in a row going away in gate to wire fashion in San Francisco.  For anyone who pays attention to Golden Gate, its impossible to go gate to wire. He has potential.