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Sabbath Sunday: The Conductor’s Prayers at Belmont Park

The Conductor doesn’t want to talk about it. Let’s Ride

Race 1: 7 Furlongs. (Turf) F.Clm 32000

#7 A Dixie Twister (2/1) – 5 wins in 6 starts at Belmont, she looks tough to beat.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. S.Mdn 62k

#3 The Honest Toun (4/1) – He showed ability in his debut and has been working well since being clipped. Always be weary of the ultimate equipment change.

Race 3: 1 1/16 Mile. F.Clm 25000n2L

#2 Pecan Pattie (4/5) – Chalk.

Race 4: 7 Furlongs. (Turf) MC 40000

#2 Bebeau (8/1) – He’s run competitive efforts for this level and switches to turf for the first time. His breeding suggests he can take a step forward on the lawn.

Race 5: 6½ Furlongs. F.S.Alw 66000n1x

#2 Bustin Scones (6/1) – 2nd off the layoff, the Conductor liked her finish last time. With natural progression, she’s very dangerous.

Race 6: 6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf) F.S.Mdn 62k

#10 Tossup (15/1) – This filly showed ability as a 2-year old on dirt. 2nd off the layoff today, she could jump up and hit the board at a big number.

Race 7: 1 1/16 Mile. OC 62000n2x

#4 Performer (3/5) – Chalk.

Race 8: 1 1/16 Mile. (Inner Turf) F.G2 Miss Grillo Stakes

*Gullet Shot of the Day #5 English Breeze (5/1) – She was too close to a hot pace last time and still ran a good 3rd. Her debut win two starts back was very impressive.

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Race 9: 7 Furlongs. (Turf) MC 40000

#9 Loaded Joe (9/2) – Dropping in class and turning back in distance, his early speed makes him very dangerous.


Esophagus Slice Saturday: The Conductor’s Spot Plays at Belmont Park

The Conductor bet Maryland last night. They lost 59-0 at home…….Not Great. Let’s Ride.

Race 9: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) G3 Pilgrim Stakes

#8 Famished (8/1) – #2 No Word (3/1) is the one to beat, but the Conductor also likes this colt stretching out and moving to the turf for the first time. He showed a strong finish in maiden breaker on dirt and this is a move trainer John Kimmel specialize in.

Race 10: 1 ¼ Mile. G1 Jockey Club Gold Cup

#3 Vino Rosso (7/2) – Pathetic it’s only a 5-horse field, but the Conductor thinks he can find value here. He doesn’t like Vino Rosso in this spot, he loves him. No horse in the country was beating McKinzie in the Whitney and the Conductor loved his game victory over Gift Box in the Gold Cup two back. The Conductor wasn’t impressed with the Woodward or Travers, so he’s happy to take a stand against the competitors exiting those races. The Conductor cannot to let the wine flow in celebration.

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Race 9 Daily Double: 2,8 / 3


Force Feed Friday: The Conductor’s Plays at Belmont Park

Another positive day at the track yesterday with a few nice winners.  Too bad Green Bay’s defense stinks and they can’t score from the 1-yard line twice in the 4th quarter. Idiots! The Conductor is chomping at the bit this morning. He’s ready to head into the weekend in style, Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 1 1/16 Mile. MC 20000

#3 Dream’n Deamon (4/1) – This gelding has a monster early pace edge over this field. The low % jockey should keep his price high.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. Clm 25000n2L

#2 Bucked Tooth (6/1) – Throw out his turf try last time, his maiden breaker two back makes him very gangerous.

Race 3: 6 ½ Furlongs. F.S.Clm 25000

#4 Starlite Mission (5/1) – She’s taking a big drop in class and does her best running over the Belmont dirt. The Conductor will key her in the exacta.

Race 4: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.S.Mdn 62k

#2 More Glitter (3/1) – Bet down to favoritism in her debut, she ran ok sprinting on the dirt. She stretched out and moves to the lawn today, where she’s bred to take a big step forward.

Race 5: 6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf) Mdn 75k

#5 Turned Aside (5/2) – Linda Rice is deadly with 2nd time starters and this colt ran a very good 3rd in his debut, pressing a hot pace.

Race 6: 1 1/16 Mile. S.Alw 66000n1x

*Gullet Shot of the Day #5 Irish Valor (8/1) – Throw out his last two efforts over a sloppy track and turf. In his race 3 back, he finished ahead of the even money favorite in here #4 Doups Point (1/1). 8/1 would be a delectable price for the Conductor.

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Race 7: 6 Furlongs. (Turf) F.OC 62500

#2 Miss Mystique (5/1) – The Conductor thinks this filly has a big chance to wire this field at a decent price.

Race 8: 6 Furlongs. (Turf) Clm 30000n2L

#1 Brockmoninoff (9/2) – 3rd off the layoff and adding Lasix, the Conductor thinks he’s sitting on his top effort.


The Conductor’s Thursday Night Football Play

Green Bay Packers -4 vs Philadelphia Eagles

Finally, a good prime time match-up with two good quarterbacks and decent teams. This would be a tread lightly game, right? Wrong! You stupid passengers.

The Conductor loves the Packers in this one. The Eagles have tons of injuries and have sneakily been terrible to start the year. The Redskins had a chance to beat them on the road in week 1, who may be the worst team in the league. They then lose close games to the Falcons and Lions who are bad football teams and the Conductor will guarantee won’t make the playoffs.

Green Bay still hasn’t clicked on offense this year, but they have a top 10 defense for the first time in recent memory. The only chance Philly has is if Wentz carries the Eagles on his back and the Conductor doesn’t see that happening with his lack of weapons and strong opposition. Green Bay is going to roll in Lambo tonight. Final Score Green Bay 27 – Philadelphia 17.

Car Payment Play

Green Bay -4

its always sunny in philadelphia GIF by HULU

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Throat Shot Thursday: The Conductor’s Plays at Belmont Park

Solid Wednesday for the Conductor, as he handed out the 50/1 exacta in race 6 on a platter and his gullet shot of the day ran 2nd at 16/1 in race 3. If you couldn’t make money yesterday, then the Conductor can’t help you. Start playing checkers or the violin. Let’s keep the train rolling, Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.MC 50000

#2 Days of Spring (6/5) – She’s dropping to the claiming ranks for the 1st time and the race she’s exiting has come back live. There is nothing else to like in this field.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. Clm 14000n3L

#5 Gyoza (3/1) – He’s working well coming in off a layoff and looks to get a perfect trip from the outside.

Race 3: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) MC 50000

#5 Bail Out (3/5) – Chalk

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. S.MC 25000

#8 Sobersick N Sorry (6/1) – The Conductor is neither sober or sick and he will not apologize.

Race 5: 1 Mile. (Turf) Clm 35000n3L

#4 Clyde’s Runner (4/1) – He looks to get a perfect trip with a hot pace to close into.

Race 6: 5 ½ Furlongs. F.MC 50000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #1 Lookn Fine as Wine (8/1) – This filly had a brutal trip in her debut. She switches to the dirt, adds blinkers, and Castellano takes the mount. Javier has only ridden twice for trainer Martin Carlos in the last two months and won both times.

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Race 7: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.Alw 40000s

#5 Dream Passage (3/5) – Nothing creative.

Race 8: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) Clm 30000n2L

#7 Fotis (9/2) – The Conductor doesn’t like anybody in here, its him by default.


Wind Pipe Whack Wednesday: The Conductor’s Spot Plays at Belmont Park

Thank god its finally the start of the racing week. The Conductor almost caved last night and started firing at Mountaineer late night without any football or major tracks running yesterday. However, he was a good little passenger and sat on his hands until today. Now we strike! Let’s Ride.

Full card plays: The Conductor’s Wednesday Preview at Belmont Park

Spot Plays

Race 3: Win #1

Race 6: Win #1, Exactas: (1 / 3,5,8), (3,5,8 / 1), Daily Double (1,5 / 6)

Race 7: Win #6, Exacta Box (2,6)

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The Conductor’s Wednesday Preview at Belmont Park

A big NFL Sunday bailed out the Conductor after a bad sabbath at the track. Santa Anita returns this week and the Conductor can’t wait. The Breeders Cup is just around the corner, the Conductor needs his caboose to be flush with cash.

train GIF

Race 1: 6 ½ Furlongs. F.S.Mdn 62k

#6 Lady Macho (1/1) – If she can’t beat this group, she’ll never win.

Race 2: 1 1/16 Mile. Clm 16000n2L

#3 Coach Villa (6/1) – He fits right in with this group, 6/1 would be delicious.

Race 3: 6 ½ Furlongs. F.Clm 30000n2L

*Gullet Shot of the Day #1 Can U Handle This (12/1) – Dropping in class and working well, this is a very weak group and ripe for an upset. Her maiden breaker two back would give her every chance here.

i'm out see you later GIF

Race 4: 6 ½ Furlongs. Mdn 75k

#5 Free Enterprise (1/5) – Chalk.

Race 5: 1 1/16 Mile. Clm 20000

#6 Turco Bravo (7/2) – This old man still shows up and runs his race. He has more grit than many of you passengers.

Race 6: 1 Mile. (Turf) Clm 32000

#1 Tangled Web (6/1) – The Conductor thinks this gelding has a major chance to wire this field. He should be alone on the lead.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. S.OC 40000n2x

#6 Gypsum (4/1) – 3rd off the layoff and 1st off the claim for Linda Rice, this gelding is in good form and looks to get a nice trip sitting behind a hot pace.

Race 8: 6 Furlongs. (Turf) F.MC 40000

#8 Tarallucci (2/1) – She’s very logical.


The Conductor’s Week 3 NFL Plays

The Conductor needs a clean sweep today. Must Win and a Can’t Lose!

Lunch Money Plays

Kansas City -5 vs Baltimore

Cincinnati +6.5 @ Buffalo

Philadelphia -4.5 vs Detroit

New York Giants +5.5 @ Tampa Bay

New Orleans +4.5 @ Seattle

Car Payment Plays

Indianapolis -1.5 vs Atlanta

Los Angeles Rams -3.5 @ Cleveland

pray 2018 nfl GIF by NFL

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Sabbath Sunday: The Conductor’s Prayers at Belmont Park

Saturday was a compete gambling debacle. Nothing more, nothing less. A weaker man would suck his thumb and lay rotting in bed while reevaluating his decision making. It takes a real warrior to get up the following morning, drink a stew and prepare to fire away with both fists. That’s why he is the Conductor and we are passengers. Never Surrender! Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6 Furlongs. S.Clm 25000

#3 Summer Bourbon (4/1) – Mmmmhhmmmm bourbon.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. (Turf) F.MC 40000

#9 Ghostly Beauty (8/1) – Moving into a higher % barn, her race at Belmont two back will give her every chance. Trainer David Duggan is 21% with a +$2.17 ROI this year 1st off the claim.

Race 3: 6 ½ Furlongs. G2 Gallant Bloom Stakes

#3 Come Dancing (1/5) – Chalk

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf) F.Mdn 75k

#1 My Happy Place (9/2) – The Conductor likes her steady progression and she’s bred to take to the furf just fine. The Conductor will be in his happy place today, his couch.

Race 5: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.OC 62500n2x

#5 Reversethedecision (2/1) – This filly ran some very strong pace figures last year. With maturity, she’ll be tough to beat.

Race 6: 7 Furlongs. F.S.Mdn 62k

*Gullet Shot of the Day #6 Courted (6/1) – Trainer Jorge Abreau is 24% with a +$1.68 ROI with first time starters this year and this girls sire is winning at a 16% clip with debut runners. Castellano taking the mount also catches the Conductor’s eye.

Related image

Race 7: 1 1/8 Mile. (Inner Turf) S.Ashley T. Cole Stakes 125k

#3 Gucci Factor (5/2) – This gelding loves to win and Belmont Park.

Race 8: 6 Furlongs. F.Alw 77000n1x

#1/1A Entry (7/2) – The Conductor thinks both Cannizzo’s runners have a major chance.

Race 9: 1 1/8 Mile. (Inner Turf) F.S. John Hettinger Stakes 125k

#7 Wegetsdamunnys (8/1)#9 Fifty Five (6/5) will be tough to beat, but the Conductor will key around this girl. She ran a good 4th last time closing into a slow pace and will have every chance today with a more favorable setup.

Race 10: 1 Mile. (Turf) S.Alw 66000n1x

*Underneath Uppercut #6 Nutzforboltz (10/1) – He doesn’t like to win, but he should get a hot pace to close into and will be finishing late. The Conductor will key him underneath in the exacta and trifecta.

Related image


The Conductor’s Week 4 College Football Plays

The Conductor dominated last Saturday’s slate, but he’s entering this weekend already in a big hole. His first mortgage play of the year fell Short as the Utes couldn’t beat the Trojans last night.

Utah could not stop jump ball go routes and scored only two touchdowns in eight trips to the redzone. Eight! That along with 15 million penalties on both side made the Conductor drink 15 barrels of stew before the game was over. The only way to sleep after watching a game like that is to heavily poison your body. Science.

Its a new day and plenty of opportunities, time dig!

graveyard digging GIF

Lunch Money Plays

Rutgers +8 vs BC

Northwestern +8 vs Michigan State

Western Michigan +4.5 @ Syracuse

BYU +6.5 vs Wahington

Texas -7 vs OK State

Car Payment Play

Texas A&M -4 vs Auburn

The Aggies defense impressed the Conductor vs Clemson and he doesn’t think the Auburn Freshman QB is ready for this test. Texas A&M wins by at least a touchdown.

texas am aggies GIF by Texas A&M University