Friday Night Funding: The Conductor’s Plays at Del Mar

Off the turf again at Del Mar today, the Conductor is nervous.  Is it the scars?

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Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 1 Mile. Clm 16000

#1 Out of Patience (5/2) – He drops in class today and ran a solid third at this level last start.  He has good early speed and looks primed for a top effort today.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. F.MC 32000

#8 A Dime For Me (6/1) – #5 Sass Machine (2/1) is the horse to beat, but with every experienced runner in here yet to run a par figure at this level, the Conductor will take a shot with a 1st time starter.  She solid works, a good post, and her dam as produced 4 winners from 4 starters.

Race 3: 5 Furlongs. (OFF Turf)

#1 Pitino (3/1) – Pressing a hot pace going a mile last start, he’ll appreciate the cutback in distance and has run well on dirt.  The Conductor loves that Prat is hopping in the irons.

Race 4: 7 Furlongs. F.Clm 16000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #7 Eskenforadrink (8/1) – It took her a while to break her maiden, but shes steadily progressing and running as fast as these others on paper.  The Conductor loves that she has a win at this distance and trainer Peter Miller can’t be running any hotter.

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Race 5: 6 ½ Furlongs. MC 80000

#2 Easy Shot (5/2) – It’s a garbage four horse field after scratches, he’ll win at a short price.

Race 6: 1 Mile. (OFF Turf) OC 80000n1x

#12 Zestful (12/1) – The fastest race of his career was on a sloppy track and he’s rounding into form.  Prat hops aboard and the rest of these runners are completely unproven on wet dirt.

Race 7: 1 Mile. F.OC 50000

*Friday Night Bottle Service Lock of the Day #1 Devine Dharma (7/2) – In her first-time routing last start she won by 15 lengths.  She set an easy pace that day, but judging by her work tab she’s only going to get better.  With others skeptical about her one big number, her price should stay around 3/1.

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Race 8: 1 Mile. (OFF Turf) Clm 25000

#1 Broken Up (8/1) – He ran a decent third on a wet dirt track last start and has good early speed in a race devoid of much pace.  He will get a good trip and can surprise at a nice number.

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Thursday’s Recap at Del Mar: Yikes

Can’t get worse than yesterday, but the Conductor will not quit.  Days like that happen in the pony game, the question is how do you respond.  Full card plays at Del Mar will be up before post.  The Conductor shall not surrender!


Thursday’s Throat Shots at Del Mar: The Conductor’s Plays

The Conductor had a 5/1 winner in the 4th race at Aqueduct yesterday, but other than that he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.  Aqueduct has been all or nothing this meet for the Conductor.  Thankfully the train heads back to our bread and butter today with Del Mar back for its closing week.  The only bad news is that it’s raining like its New York and the races will likely be off the turf.  We’ll find a way to succeed under the adverse conditions.  That’s what champions do and why he’s the Conductor.  Let’s Ride.

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Race 1: 5 Furlongs. (OFF Turf) F.OC 62500b

#5 S Y Sky (3/1) – Her best race was over a good dirt surface, which she should see today.  She’s the fastest on paper, shortens in distance and drops in class.

#7 Nine Point Nine (8/1) – She hasn’t run on dirt in a long time, but she has 3 wins on dirt and ran decent in her lone start on an off track.  If she stay in the field the Conductor will use her in the exacta.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. S.OC 80000

#2 Luck’s Royal Flush (5/2) – He’s the class of the field and made an early move into a hot pace last time.  He’ll win today for sure.

Race 3: 5 Furlongs. (OFF Turf) Clm 32000

#9 Aristocratic (9/2) – He pressed a hot pace vs tougher last start and he’s run his best on an off track.  He should step forward in his 2nd start off the layoff and he gets blinkers back on.

Race 4: 6 ½ Furlongs. S.MC 50000

#5 Sidepocket Action (5/1) – He has good early speed and drops in for a tag for the first time.  He is working well and has run the highest number in this field in his debut.  We can’t get 5/1, that would be stealing.

Race 5: 1 Mile. (OFF Turf) S.Mdn 53k

#3 Unusual Rider (7/2) – You won’t see a hotter pace set on the turf at this level than his last start.  His running style should fit the dirt perfectly and if he can ration his speed a little better he’ll be tough to beat.

*Gullet Shot of the Day #9 Brix (10/1) – Heavily bet in his debut, he showed brief speed, then faded badly.  Trainer Richard Baltas is 19% this year stretching horses out for the first time this year and if Prat is hopping aboard this horse can run.  He has very strong works as well.

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Race 6: 1 Mile. Alw 50000s

*Never a Doubt Lock of the Day #7 Mongolian Groom (5/2) – Dropping in class, steadily improving the Conductor can’t get away from him.  His last race destroys this field.

Race 7: 1 Mile. (OFF Turf) Clm 320002L

#1 Wilshire Dude (6/1) – His best race was on dirt two starts back and makes him very competitive in here.  His lone win was also on a wet track which he’ll get today.  The Conductor sees him stepping forward in Bill Spawr’s barn.

Race 8: 5 ½ Furlongs. MC 32000

#3 Suite Alonso (8/1) – The Conductor loves his work tab and this is a wide open group.  Trainer Doug O’Neil has a +$0.11 ROI this year debuting maiden claimers.


Humpday Heroics: The Conductor’s plays at Aqueduct

Decent day at Parx yesterday for the Conductor with 3 top pick winners including 4/1 Gullet Shot of the Day #4 Alpha Team in race 3.  The train heads to New York today to take on Aqueduct.  They’re off the turf again, but there is still some decent dirt racing.  Wednesday has been the Coductor’s best day the last few weeks.  Let’s build some momentum, Let’s Ride.

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Race 1: 6 Furlongs. S.MC 40000

#7 Bourbon and Rye (5/2) – Well bet in all three of his starts against much tougher, he’s disappointed but shown good early speed.  He’s drawn well to the outside, working well, and many of these others have proven they cannot win at this level.

Race 2: 1 Mile. F.Clm 16000

#7 Expressly (9/2) – She’s shipping in from Parx after a solid effort pressing a decent pace last time. She’s a mile specialist, getting a weight break and her last race had multiple runners come back and win next start.  She won at this level at Aqueduct last winter.

Race 3: 1 Mile. F.Clm 16000

#7 No Limit Babe (6/1) – It’s tough to like anybody in this group, but the Conductor cannot take the 3/5 favorite #6 Brass Ring with a performance so far below par last time.  Drawn well to the outside, this filly plunges in class for top connections, has good early speed, and should improve cutting back in distance and returning to dirt. Let’s hope 7s are wild.

Race 4: 1 Mile. (OFF Turf) F.S.Mdn 60k

#2 Little Song (6/1) – This well-bred filly was 210k at the Keeneland sale and has a solid work tab at Fair Hill.  Graham Motion wins at 13% first out and the Conductor loves that he keeps her in with the rest of these runners who signed up to run on turf.

Race 5: 1 Mile. Clm 16000

#4 Extinct Charm (4/1) – He ran better than it looks on paper last start, pressing a hot pace in between horses and being force wide.  He has the fastest speed figures in this group at a mile and has run some numbers at Aqueduct last winter that would blow this field away.

Race 6: 1 Mile. (OFF Turf) Mdn 70k

#9 Dance For Oro (8/1) – This debut MTO runner is bred to be a good thing and posted a monster workout on November 12.  He also has top connections with the Irad/Linda Rice jokey/trainer combo.

Race 7: 7 Furlongs. F.Clm 40000

*Never a Doubt Humpday Lock of the Day #3 Lemon Crush (3/1) – Shipping in from California facing tougher sprinters, she’s posting bullet works and gets a weight break.  Gate to wire.

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Race 8: 1 1/8 Mile. OC 62500n2x

#8 Own Agenda (12/1)#7 Mr Buff (7/5) is the horse to beat, but this is the Conductor’s price horse he’ll key in the exotics and sprinkle on top.  Steadily progressing, he blew away lesser competition last time and is yet to have a bad effort on dirt.  He is posting sharp works and the distance shouldn’t be a problem.

Race 9: 6½ Furlongs. Clm 12500

*Gullet Shot of the Day #2 Get a Valentine (5/1) – In his first try on dirt last time, the Conductor was impressed, pressing a scorching pace and fading late vs tougher.  He has by far the best early pace figs in this field and the Conductor believes he’ll gut them gate to wire.

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Punting at Parx: The Conductor’s Plays

Parx today, Aqueduct tomorrow, and Del Mar Thursday-Sunday with countless winners along the way.  Let’s pay for our holiday shopping, Let’s ride.

Race 1: 1 Mile. F.Clm 7500n2L

#7 Love that Chick (5/1) – You won’t find a slower group of horses than this field.  This filly is at least lightly raced and hasn’t tried routing yet.  She has a solid last work and upside, while the rest of these are proven losers.

Race 2: 1m70yds. Clm 7500n1y

#4 Printer (4/1) – The sloppy track moved him up last time, but it was by far the fastest last performance in this field.  He’s in good form and the Conductor will be very happy if he’s the third choice.

Race 3: 6 ½ Furlongs. Clm 25000n2L

#5 Love is Your Name (2/1) – This gelding loves to run 2nd, but he’ll run for a tag for the first time and will be the second choice in the betting.  He’s run much higher speed figures than #6 E J’s Revenge (7/5).

Race 4: 6 ½ Furlongs. Clm 25000n3L

*Gullet Shot of the Day #4 Alpha Team (4/1) – The Conductor loves the cutback to a sprint today.  His two best races were both sprinting, including a 2nd at this level two starts back.

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Race 5: 1m70yds. F.Clm 16000

#7 Mother Ginger (4/1) – She’s dropping in class and should step forward in her 2nd start off the layoff.  She’s beaten much tougher and is the class of the field.

Race 6: 1m70yds. S.Alw 41000n2x

*Never a Doubt Tuesday Lock #5 Devine Dental (5/2) – Setting a hot pace and blowing the doors off a Belmont field last time, he’ll be tough to beat in hear.  It looks like he’ll get the early lead he needs to run his best.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. Clm 10000

#9 Honorable Service (6/1) – His last race was by far the fastest in this field on the Conductor numbers.  He should get a perfect stocking trip and will be flying rate.

Race 8: 6 Furlongs. F.Alw 50000nc

*Double Gullet Shot of the Day #2 Assail (5/1) – The heavy favorite #4 Zipper’s Hero (7/5) will be tough to beat, but the Conductor likes this filly’s chances at a price.  She hasn’t run out of the exacta on a fast dirt surface in her career and she hasn’t gotten one in her last 4 races.  Her figures are competitive and she loves Parx as well.

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Race 9: 7 Furlongs. F.Clm 12500n4L

#5 Special Risk (2/1) – The Conductor can’t find anything creative in here.

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Sunday’s Recap at Del Mar: Battle of Midway Holds On

Not a good Sunday for the Conductor, a few too many celebratory stews Saturday night may have made the form a little foggy in the morning.  A day of rest with the train in the station will do him well, then we’ll be on the road searching for winners the rest of the week.  We march onward.


Sunday’s Winners at Del Mar

Let’s Ride.

Race 1: Mile. F,Alw 12500s

#6 Lea’s Reward (12/1) – There is no chance she’ll be 12/1 with the fastest last race in the field on the Conductor’s numbers.  She finished in front of #4 Princess Leia last time, who came back to win her next race.  If she’s above 4/1 the Conductor will be happy.

Race 2: 1 Mile. (Turf) OC 62500n2x

#3 Sawyer’s Hill (5/1) – Setting a hot pace and holding on for 2nd at this level last time, he should step forward in his 2nd start off the layoff.  He likes this Del Mar turf course and he will get a good trip in a race without much pace on or near the lead.

Race 3: 1 1/8 Mile. G3 Native Diver Stakes

*Never a Doubt Lock of the Day #6 Dabster (2/1) – He’s progressing, the longer the better and his last two races were very impressive.  The Conductor is very against the heavy favorite #4 Battle of Midway going this long.

Race 4: 1 Mile. (Turf) MC 80000

#3 You Must Chill (5/1) – Early move into a hot pace last time is a classic bet back.  At 44/1 last time she should stay a good price.

Race 5: 6.5 Furlongs. F.Clm 18000

#8 Lucky Student (3/1) – She’s run above par and beaten this level multiple times. She’ll be tough to beat.

Race 6: 1 Mile. (Turf) G3 Cecil B. DeMille Stakes

#2 Rijeka (4/1) – He steadied and hit the rail last time pressing a hot pace and still held on for 3rd.  The Conductor will salivate if he gets 4/1 in this small field.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. F.Mdn 53k

#1 Bizwhacks (5/1) – She should improve returning to dirt and the Conductor loves the cutback.  She’s run figures good enough to beat this group sprinting.

Race 8: 1 Mile. (Turf) S.OC 20000n1x

*Gullet Shot of the Day #2 Push Through (6/1) – He took a while to break his maiden, but the Conductor liked his last effort, closing into a slow pace.  This group is very weak and he has every chance.

choking mom + pop music GIF by Neon Indian

Race 9: 6 Furlongs. MC 20000

#5 Spanish Bay (7/2) – He has been facing much tougher, his lone race on dirt beats this group and he gets Lasix for the first time.  He’s also working like rocket.

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Saturday’s Recap: Del Mar Paid Dearly

Thank you Conductor, thank you.  It’s now time to Double Down like any smart investor. Sunday’s Plays at Del Mar will be up before the first post.


Saturday’s Slaughter: The Conductor’s Plays at Del Mar Racing

A few short-priced winners yesterday was all the Conductor could muster on the chalkiest of days at Del Mar.  The favorite or 2nd choice won every race but the last.  The Conductor doesn’t make money on those days, that’s not his style.  However, we have some quality racing on this fine Saturday and the Conductor sees prices on this card.  Let’s ride.

train ride GIF

Race 1: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.OC 62500n2x

#6 Pulpit Rider (6/1) – She’s dropping out of Grade 3 company and gets a major rider upgrade to Drayden Van Dyke.  She’s three for four at the mile distance including a win at Del Mar vs similar competition this summer.

Race 2: 1 Mile. Mdn 53k

#6 Harmon (5/2) – The Conductor loves to see to sprints to a route and his late pace figures suggest he’ll appreciate the stretch out.  He was bred to run long and was a hefty 500k at auction.

Race 3: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) OC 40000n1x

#2 Tough it Out (7/2) – An ultra-consistent runner that loves this Del Mar turf course, there are too many things to like about this gelding.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. MC 50000

#2 Ohtani (8/1) – In this group filled with unknowns the Conductor will turn to a first time starter. His dam has produced 4 winners from 4 starters including a stakes winner and trainer Bill Spawr is 23% with debut runners this year.

Race 5: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.G3 Jimmy Durante Stakes

Atom Bomb Shot of the Day #3 Elsa (20/1) – What a betting race this is with talented runners at big prices.  This girl caught a yielding turf course last time and didn’t run a step.  She was favorited in a stakes race at Saratoga this summer and she should improve with the added distance and Lasix today.  Jersey Joe ships in to ride her and her workouts are outstanding.  The Conductor will key her in the trifecta.

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Race 6: 1 Mile. OC 40000n1x

*Double Lock and Gullet Shot of the Day #3 Kershaw (6/1) – In his first try routing last time he drew off and buried the field.  Routing could be what he has always wanted, and he has the fastest speed figures in this field sprinting.  He’s the Conductor’s best bet of the day.

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Race 7: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) G2 Seabiscuit Handicap

#7 Synchrony (9/2) – He was way too far back in his last start in Keeneland and will appreciate getting back to firm turf today.  He’s beaten much tougher competition and is 2/2 at this distance.

Race 8: 6 Furlongs. S.Clm 20000

#3 Tanners Pride (5/1) – Dropping to restricted company for the first time he has the back class to beat this field.  He gets Talamo back in the saddle, who has steered him to his best races.

Race 9: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) F.OC 40000n1x

#3 Helens Tiger (9/2) – Fanned 6 wide in her last start, she just missed at this level two starts back.  She should step forward in her 2nd start off the layoff and will be very dangerous.


The Conductor’s Black Friday Sale: Free Money at Del Mar

You cant get Free Money at Macy’s.  The Conductor’s got the best deal in town, everything must go! Let’s Ride.

fire sale GIF

Race 1: 6½ Furlongs. F.MC 20000

#3 London Hotel (7/5) – Nothing interesting here, her last race vs tougher smokes this field.

Race 2: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) OC 62500n2x

#8 Eric the Trojan (4/1) – He has a thunderous late kick and will get a hot pace in front of him today.  He got a slow pace last time and this will be his 2nd start off the layoff. He’s his best sprinting on this 5 furlong turf course.

Race 3: 5½ Furlongs. F.S.MC 50000

#1 Heaven Squared (5/1) – There are no standouts in here, and she’ll be a good price in a small field.  Her dam has produced 3 winners from 3 starters and her sire wins at 17% with debut runners.

Race 4: 1 Mile. (Turf) MC 50000

*Black Friday Line Gullet Shot #4 Getaloadofthis (12/1) – His first try routing last start was his best, setting a hot pace and holding on for 2nd.  Hollendorfer is very good switching runners from dirt to turf and this gelding is working like hes ready to run.  The Conductor will key him at a big number in the exotics.

Black Friday Fighting GIF by NBC

Race 5: 5½ Furlongs. F.Clm 16000

*Never a Doubt Black Friday Lock #7 Gemini Journey (7/2) – Drawn well to the outside, she will get a perfect stalking trip sitting just behind the leaders.  Her last race was the fastest in this field and she is an very consistent runner.

Race 6: 1½ Mile. (Turf) G2 Hollywood Turf Cup

#1 Beach View (6/1) – The Conductor thinks this race is wide open and will go with a lightly raced, improving horse.  He blew away the field in a G3 on dirt last time and has proven he can win on dirt as well as get the distance.  He will likely be above 6/1 as well.

Race 7: 6 ½ Furlongs. MC 30000

#2 She’s a Dime (2/1) –

Race 8: 1 1/16 Mile. (Turf) F.Mdn 53k

#7 Kaydetre (8/1) – The Conductor thinks she was better than the morning line favorite #1 Sutro in her last start and we’ll get four times the price.  She should step forward in her 2nd try routing and her price should stay high with low profile connections.