Sabbath Sunday: The Conductor’s Easter Prayers at Santa Anita

Easter racing at Santa Anita? Nothing like streaming ponies in church. Sorry God, Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 7 Furlongs. F.MC 50000

#3 California Comet (6/1) – Her sire has produced multiple winners.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. Clm 25000

*Never a Doubt Easter Lock #5 Toothless Wonder (8/5) – Drawn well to the outside and 2nd off the layoff, he’ll cross the wire first.

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Race 3: 7 Furlongs. F.MC 30000

#7 Tequila Sunrise (2/1) – Mmmmmm Tequila stew.

Race 4: 7 Furlongs. Clm 12500n2L

#5 Frankie Machine (3/1) – Trainer upgrade and lightly raced, the Conductor will lean to the outside.

Race 5: 6½ Furlongs. S.Mdn 55k

#4 General Mo (7/2) – This colt broke last in his debut, but then he did some running.  With a clean break today we’ll see how good he is.

Race 6: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.Clm 25000

#1 Indypendent Deputy (2/1) – She didn’t have a chance last start, trying to close into a tepid pace. 2nd off the layoff, she’ll step forward.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. F.Alw 50000s

*Gullet Shot of the Day #4 Miss Lady Ann (4/1) – Taking on winners for the first time, the Conductor has liked both of her races.  This group isn’t very strong.

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Race 8: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) F.Mdn 55k

#1 Holly Hundy (3/1) – This filly has a major early pace edge over this field. Gate to wire.


Sabbath Sunday: The Conductor’s Prayers at Santa Anita Park

The Conductor had a few good opinions at Gulfstream yesterday and rain ruined the Santa Anita card. Let’s close out the weekend in style, Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 1 Mile. Clm 16000n3L

#8 Oh Man (7/2) – He’s steadily progressing and one of the few that are entering he race in good form.  He also has good early speed.

Race 2: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) F.MC 50000

#4 Pricing (3/1) – The Conductor likes her work tab and that Van Dyke is in the saddle.

Race 3: 5 ½ Furlongs. S.OC 50000

#2 Lieutenant Dan (8/5) – Chalk.

Race 4: 1 1/8 Mile. (Turf) Clm 25000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #6 Orchestral (6/1) – 2nd off the claim for Mike Puype, this old mare will get a good trip, on or near a slow pace.

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Race 5: 1 Mile. S.TiznowB100K

*Never a Doubt Sunday Scaries Preventer Lock of the Day #4 Edwards Going Left (8/5) – Her 2nd to Ax Man last start was a very impressive effort.

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Race 6: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 16000

#4 Naughty Sophie (4/1) – This filly is super quick and she’s getting back to her preferred dirt surface.  She can scamper away.

Race 7: 6 Furlongs. OC 40000n1x

#8 Distinctive B (2/1) – This old man is nails.

Race 8: 1 Mile. OC 40000n1x

#3 Beaumarchais (7/2) – 3rd off the layoff #4 Solomini won’t be able to pass him again.

Race 9: 7 Furlongs. F.MC 30000

#4 Out of Control (4/1) – She was heavily bet in her debut and if Rosario’s taking the mount, she’s live.


The Conductor’s Plays at Santa Anita

Let’s Ride.

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Race 1: 5½ Furlongs. F.Clm 6250

#1 Madame Mousse (5/2) – This mare’s early pace figures give her an edge in this race.

Race 2: 1 Mile. (Turf) Clm 40000n2L

#2 I Can Do This (4/1) – He’s steadily progressing, dropping in class and the Conductor doesn’t see the turf being a problem.

Race 3: 1 Mile. F.Clm 16000n3L

#5 Cee Sam’s Girl (3/1) – She’s in good form and the Conductor doesn’t like anyone in this group.

Race 4: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) F.Mdn 55k

#4 Emrata (20/1) – She’s improving and cutting back down the hill after pressing a hot pace at a mile last race. The Conductor will key her in the tri.

Race 5: 1 1/8 Mile. F.Mdn 55k

*Never a Doubt Saturday Stew Lock #4 Smoothing (2/1) – This filly had a tough trip in the slop last start and is working well. The Conductor sees her liking the added distance.

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Race 6: 1 Mile. (Turf) PasadenaL100K

#2 Much Better (9/2) – This boy has real early speed and has shown versatility early in his career.  The Conductor would love that price.

Race 7: 6½ Furlongs. S.MC 50000

#1 Coil to Strike (5/2) – 3rd off the layoff, he looks best.

Race 8: 7 Furlongs. F.OC 80000n1x

#5 Proud Emma (6/1) – 1st off the claim for Peter Miller, this girl is progressing, and the Conductor likes the cutback to a sprint.

Race 9: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) MC 50000

#8 Translucent (5/1) – 2nd off the layoff, drawn well to the outside, her early pace figures make her dangerous.

Race 10: 7 Furlongs. Clm 12500n2L

*Gullet Shot of the Day #6 Disco Cat (6/1) – Dropping in class in a race without much speed, he can scamper away from this field.

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Chalk Fest Yesterday: Force Feed Friday Always Delivers Prices at Santa Anita Park

8 straight favorites at Santa Anita yesterday. 8 Straight!  Only the chalk-eating weasels made any money and we’ll let them have the scraps.  The Conductor is a big game hunter and he sees a few big bison out in the open today. Let’s Eat, Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6 ½ Furlongs. (Turf) Clm 35000n3L

*Gullet Shot of the Day #10 Snazzy Dresser (6/1) – His speed had held going longer vs tougher.  Cutting back down the hill will be perfect for him.

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Race 2: 1 Mile. F.OC 40000n1x

#2 Leveler (4/1) – 2nd off the layoff, she caught a sloppy track last start and didn’t run a step.  She showed talent early in her career and will appreciate stretching back out to a route.

Race 3: 7 Furlongs. F.S. MC 50000

#3 Ride Out the Storm (3/1) – Looks like we’re getting some snow on the east coast tonight.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. Clm 32000

*Never a Doubt Friday Night Bottle Service Lock of the Day #5 Spokane Eagle (5/2) – This gelding is in good form and was chasing Axe Man last start.  He gets major class relief today.

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Race 5: 6 1/2 Furlongs. (Turf) S.OC 20000n1x

#8 Lil Milo (3/1) – Cutback down the hill.

Race 6: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 12500n2L

#4 Lucky Lula (8/1) – In her first try at this level last race, she caught a sloppy track off a long layoff and didn’t run well. Her figures fit against this group and the Kruljac barn is red hot.

Race 7: 6 ½ Furlongs. (Turf) S.Mdn 55k

#1 Preaching Trainer (5/1) – This well-bred gelding went off favored in his debut in a race that got rained off the turf.  He’ll get to try his targeted surface today.

Race 8: 1 Mile. OC 80000n1x

#1 Nolo Contesto (9/5) – The Conductor really liked his finish in his first try routing.  His work tab is looks great leading into this spot.

Race 9: 1 Mile (Turf) OClm 50000

#6 Contagion (10/1) – Going two sprints to a route, he will try the grass for the first time.  He’s bred to take a big step forward on the lawn.



The Train is Rolling: Throat Shot Thursday at Santa Anita Park

Chooo!!!!! Chooooooo!!!!! 10/1, 4/5 lock, 4/1 gullet shot, 7/5, and 4/5 winners yesterday along with a 27/1 shot finishing 2nd.  That’s how you cap Conductor!  The Conductor should probably stay at Gulfstream today, but Santa Anita is home.  The trains in 5th gear, hold on tight, Let’s Ride.

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Race 1: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.Clm 25000n2L

#2 Chalky (8/1) – Her last race was heinous, but if you can forgive that effort she has multiple races that make her competitive against this weak field.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. F.S.Mdn 55k

#1 Harper’s Gallop (4/1) – This filly’s dam is 1/1 producing a stakes winner and she’s working well.  Carava surprised with a debut runner recently.

Race 3: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) Mdn 55k

#6 Dimkar (4/1) – He was supposed to run down the hill last start, but the race got rained off the turf.  He showed fast early pace figures on dirt and should improve in his 2nd start off a layoff.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. MC 20000

#5 Race (4/1) – Trainer Tim Yakteem has won 3 of his last 4 races at the meet and the Conductor likes this gelding’s consistent work-tab.

Race 5: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.S.Mdn 55k

#6 Smoovie (5/2) – This filly will try routing for the first time and drops back in to face California breds again today.

Race 6: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 20000

#2 Sierra Sunrise (5/2) – She missed the break last start, but the Conductor really liked her maiden breaker two races back.  She’ll like the cutback as well.

Race 7: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) Clm 25000n2L

*Never a Doubt Bank Vault Lock of the Day #5 Candyman Garret (2/1) – 1st off the claim for Jeff Mulins this colt’s lone effort going 5 furlongs on the grass crushes this field.

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Race 8: 1 Mile. (Turf) MC 50000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #10 Sir Andover (6/1) – He set a very hot pace at this level last start and still hung on for 3rd.  With natural progression in his 3rd career start the Conductor loves his chances.

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Stay Hot Conductor! Sabbath Sunday’s Prayers at Santa Anita

11/1, 4/5, 3/1, 6/5, and 4/5 winners yesterday left Santa Anita gasping for air.  The train is flying at full speed, get out the way. Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 1 Mile. Mdn 55k

*Never a Doubt Sunday Night Scaries Preventer Lock of the Day #5 Victory Element (8/5) – The Conductor likes the stretch out and he has the most talent in the field.  It would be fantastic if he stays the 2nd choice.

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Race 2: 1 Mile. MC 30000

#6 Midnight Roamer (4/1) – Drawn well to the outside, he has the figures to win and the Conductor likes the added blinkers.

Race 3: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) F.Alw 50000s

#3 Sheza Chattykat (4/1) – She’s 1/1 down the hill and has a speed advantage over this group.  Gate to wire.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. F.Alw 20000s

#3 Misstressofthenight (7/2) – This filly ran a good 2nd last race vs similar, contesting a hot pace going longer.  The cutback to a sprint is the difference.

Race 5: 1 Mile (Turf). S.Mdn 55k

#2 Spanish Channel (8/1) – The Conductor liked his last race and is looking for a price in this wide open race.

Race 6: 1 Mile. Clm 40000

#5 Avanti Bello (7/2) – The Conductor has always been a fan of this old man.

Race 7: 1 Mile. (Turf) Clm 40000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #4 Tequila Joe (5/1) – 2nd off a long layoff, he takes a big drop in class and should get a perfect setup today with plenty of pace to run at.

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Race 8: 6 Furlongs. F.S. Spring Fever Stakes

#3 S Y Sky (6/5) – She’ll dominate this field on the front end.

Race 9: 1 Mile. (Turf) MC 50000

#7 Super Terrific (6/1) – He’s working well off a long layoff and will try routing on the grass for the 1st time.  He’s dropping in class for solid connections.


Esophagus Slice Saturday: The Conductor’s Plays at Santa Anita Park

One lonely short priced winner made it one sad and lonely Friday night for the Conductor.  No bottle service for him.  Losers let a bad day get to them, and winners get excited the next morning because they know their due.  A nice cup of mud for the Conductor in his capping lair this Saturday morning ensures his brain is firing on all cylinders.  Glory is right in front of us, let’s take it.  Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) S.Mdn 55k

#5 Unbridled Ethos (8/1) – He showed ability in his debut with a big early move and then went to the sidelines.  He comes back today working well and he’s bred for the grass.  This is a weak group and he’s an unknown with upside.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. MC 75000

#5 High Five (3/1) – This colt bled in his first start and adds Lasix for the first time today.  He’s drawn well to the outside and is 1st off the claim for trainer Vladimir Cerin.

Race 3: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 16000n3L

*Never a Doubt Saturday Ski Trip Lock of the Day #7 Come on Cat (9/5) – Dropping in class, switching back to dirt and cutting back in distance with a pace advantage.  He’s your early pick 5 single.

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Race 4: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) OC 40000n1x

#1 What’sontheagenda (4/1) – This gelding was just nailed at the wire last start after running ridiculous early pace figures.  He’s found his calling down the hill.

Race 5: 5½ Furlongs. MC 30000

#4 Gran Martillo (8/5) – Running 2nd against much tougher last start and behind a next out winner.  He’ll beat this group for fun.

Race 6: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) Mdn 55k

#2 Montana Moon (8/1) – He’s run very fast early pace figures going longer, that’s a recipe for success down the hill.  The Conductor likes that the Cajun stays in the saddle.

Race 7: 5½ Furlongs. Clm 12500

#3 Market Sentiment (6/1) – Plunging in class, he has good early speed and his figures fit for this level. Above 4/1 is a good price.

Race 8: 1 Mile (Turf) F.G2 Buena Vista Stakes

#9 Vasilika (8/5) – She looks to be a step above this group.

Race 9: 1 Mile. Clm 20000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #6 Clear the Mine (8/1) – He’s dropping in class and possess the highest figures in the field at the mile distance.  He should get a perfect trip today, closing into a hot pace.

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Race 10: 1 1/8 Mile. (Turf) F.OC 40000n1x

#3 Tammy’s Window (10/1) – She’s won at this level before and has a very strong late kick.  She looks primed to run her best in her 3rd start off a layoff.


Force Feed Friday: The Conductor’s Plays at Santa Anita Park

Lock of the Day winner and another short price at Fairgrounds yesterday for the Conductor.  We had a lot of scratches with the races coming off the turf, but whatever it’s Friday and Santa Anita is finally running again.  You can only hide for so long Santa Anita, the Conductor will always find you.  Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) Alw 67000

#3 Stormy Liberal (3/5) – He can’t lose to this group.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 40000

#5 Lady Ninja (2/1) – Four horse field after scratches, sick.

Race 3: 6 Furlongs. Clm 20000

*Never a Doubt Friday Night Bottle Service Lock of the Day #5 Lead Star (5/2) – Drawn well to the outside, he looks to get a perfect trip stalking a fast pace.

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Race 4: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 25000n2L

#5 Kindred (3/1) – She just missed at this level last race and will get a good trip today, on or near a slow pace.

Race 5: 6 ½ Furlongs. (Turf) F.OC 40000n1x

*Gullet Shot of the Day #7 Animosity (5/1) – Dropping in class and cutting back in distance, this girl’s running style fits the hill perfectly.

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Race 6: 1 Mile. F.Clm 30000

#1 Discrete Stevie B (5/1) – 3rd at this level sprinting this race, she’s run some good efforts against tougher and the Conductor sees her liking the added distance.

Race 7: 1 Mile. (Turf) S.OC 20000n1x

#1 Ostini (7/2) – He finally broke his maiden last start, maybe he’ll like winning now.  He’ll get an easy trip alone on the lead today.

Race 8: 1 Mile. Clm 35000n3L

#7 Upper Room (9/2) – He is really improving, and Pereira has been red hot in the irons.

Race 9: 1 1/8 Mile. (Turf) Clm 25000n2L

#5 Dignitaire (9/2) – The Conductor sees him leading them around the track from gate to wire.


More 12-1 Winners Today: The Conductor’s Presidents Day Punts at Santa Anita Park

Easy lock victory and a 12/1 winner made it a great Sunday.  Those are the prices we’re looking for Conductor! That’s going to be the price horse that turns the tide. The Conductor is about to go on a heater. Let’s Ride.

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Race 1: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) F.MC 50000

#1 Queen of the Track (6/1) – Tough trip last start, but she’s run quality races on dirt at this level and is bred to be better on turf.

Race 2: 7 Furlongs. Clm 12500n2L

#6 Giddymeister (5/1) – 2nd off the layoff, he ran a good third at this level in Genero Vallejo’s bar for the first time.  The Conductor expects another step forward today.

Race 3: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.Mdn 55k

#2 Curlin’s Journey (3/1) – She’s run a few races at this distance above par for this level. Its only a matter a time before she breaks her maiden.

Race 4: 1 1/16 Mile. S.California Cup Derby

*Never a Doubt T-Bond Lock of the Day #4 Galilean (2/5) – Chalk.

Image result for chalk gif

Race 5: 1 Mile. (Turf) F.S.California Cup Oaks

*Gullet Shot of the Day #1 Lippy (10/1) – This filly hasn’t missed the board sprinting on dirt and is stretching out and trying grass for the first time.  She’s bred to be much better on the lawn.

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Race 6: 7 Furlongs. Clm 12500n2L

#2 Shulace (5/1) – He ran 3rd at this level last time behind a blowout winner and the 2nd place finisher came back to win his next race.  He also gets a weight break today.

Race 7: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) F.OC 62500n2x

#5 Amuse (5/2) – She’s bred for turf and her races on dirt have been very impressive.

Race 8: 5 Furlongs. F.MC 20000

#9 Out of Control (3/1) – She’s working well and trainer David Hofmans is red hot debuting maiden claimers.

Race 9: 1 Mile. (Turf) OC 40000n1x

#4 Meistermind (8/1) – Shipping in after a long layoff, his running style suggests he’ll take to the turf and he’s working well.


Sabbath Sunday: The Conductor’s Prayers at Santa Anita Park

2nd at 6/1 in Risen Star and the Conductor’s lock of the day hit yesterday.  No big prices to speak of, but with a long weekend at Santa Anita we have plenty of time.  Let’s Ride.

Race 1: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) Alw 50000s

#2 Chosen Vessel (5/1) – He ran a very good 2nd down the hill last race off a long layoff and looks poised to run a big one in his 2nd start for trainer Dallas Craig.

Race 2: 6 Furlongs. F.Clm 12500

#1 Conquest Flatterne (4/1) – 2nd off the layoff this girl has run serious early pace figures. This field will struggle keeping pace.

Race 3: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) F.OC 80000n1x

#5 Cedars of Lebanon (8/1) – She’s pressed hot paces going longer. These type horses love cutting back down the hill.

Race 4: 6 Furlongs. OClm 50000

*Never a Doubt Lock From God #3 Nice Work (2/1) – His last race kills this field.

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Race 5: 5 Furlongs. (Turf) Clm 20000

#1 Rule He Will (8/1) – This old man has serious speed and loves to win races.  The Conductor will give him a chance at a big number.

Race 6: 6 Furlongs. S.MC 50000

#4 Fair Challenge (5/1) – He closed int a slow pace for a good 2nd in his debut.  He also gets a major rider upgrade to Van Dyke today.

Race 7: 1 Mile. (Turf) OC 62500n2x

#1 Risky Proposition (8/1) – The Conductor will sprint to the windows if he gets close to 8/1 on this gelding.

Race 8: 1 Mile. MC 20000

*Gullet Shot of the Day #4 Causeididitmyway (6/1) – Dropping to his lowest career level he’s run quality races vs tougher, including this distance.

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Race 9: 6½ Furlongs. (Turf) Clm 25000n2L

#8 Foray (4/1) – His running style looks perfect for the hill.