Now that Conductor is back from a 3-day bachelor party and he’s been able to watch the Pimlico replays without 55 stews running through his veins, he has a few takeaways. Here is his Preakness recap.

  1. Preakness Recap: The rail was where you wanted to be both Friday and Saturday.

On Thursday, almost every winner on dirt, including multiple longshots were winning with wide-sweeping swoop and pounce moves on the turn.  Friday and Saturday, that move wasn’t working at all.  The Conductor was ready to write off Win Win Win immediately after the Preakness, but anyone with the trip he got was coming up short in every race.  The Conductor will keep his eye on the horses that had wide trips to see where they end up next.

  1. War of Will ran huge, but he got a perfect trip.

He clearly ran the best, but he had to win with that trip. Saving all of the ground on a good rail, he sat behind the dueling leaders and the rail opened up for him perfectly at the top of the stretch. If he hadn’t won, he’d have 0 excuses.

  1. War of Will should have never gone off at 6/1

The Conductor’s biggest regret on Saturday is not having any saver bets on War of Will at that price.  The Conductor thought he was live, he was mostly against him because of the price he figured to be and race setup.  The Conductor thought he was going to go off at around 3/1.  With the way the track was playing and the odds he ended up at, there is no excuse for not using him. You must be on your toes and adapt on the fly to succeed in this game.  The Conductor bill blame his stew intake and lack of sleep, but he needs to keep it tighter on racing’s biggest days.

  1. The Conductor’s body is still rotting from the inside out today and he will be back proving us passengers winners tomorrow.

It feels like his bones are deteriorating while he sits.

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